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what about kyk di tiktok gitu kan banyak tuh yg pets nya kyk tigers, buaya, kalo gitu what are your thoughts on that?

wild animals belong to the wild. mau apapun alasannya, pelihara satwa liar is completely wrong. i don't even care whether you have money, legality, or a proper place (that's what they said) for them to live in your house, they still belong to the wild. kalo alasannya karena satwa tersebut gabisa hidup di alam liar, then what's the point of conservation, national park, rehabilitation????? kalo alasannya mau bantu satwa liar, dude then do some donations or even volunteers. cmon, don't treat them as pets. you can't even domesticated them no matter how hard you try. ayo pls kalo mau pelihara hewan ya yang pasti pasti aja kaya kucing, anjing, apa sapi perah gitu kan lumayan malah bisa hasilin duit.

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