K · 8 answers · 8mo

it's been a long time. how's life?

been good but i miss my college friends, i miss going to class, hanging out on campus and all the other things. not that i've graduated, i'm not sure what i wanna do with my life. it's a really confusing and stressful time, and it just SUCKS 😔

Life's been treating me like karate championship. 🥋 Sometimes they lift me up to the sky, then boom! crush me to the ground. But I'm trying to enjoy every bits of the lane. Good things always take some pain to achieve.

What about you, K?

Mm, I honestly wouldn't know what to say because at this point, I've simply only been on survival mode for the past few months now. I'm assuming it's going great? I hope yours has been great, too.

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