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qotw(whatever): whats the oddest rabbit hole youve gone down? (that ur comfortable mentioning obviously) im currently in the decay of bodies rabbit hole.

Believe or not, I’m currently on a rabbit hole about ‘gruesome’ things and genres… it’s hard to explain, but things like ero guro and the painting “Saturn devouring his son” are super interesting to me! Anything grotesque I always find interesting, dunno… super hard to explain but maybe that’s an insight ?

The most disturbing I went down was likely true crime a few years ago? I can't remember any others. If you want to know the longest and strangest (in regards to me; not objective strangest), it was goldfish breeding and care. I'm not even super interested in fish?

when i was younger i had two very specific hyperfixations back to back

the black death
and alkatraz

i know a concerning amount about both, i also made a mini model of alkatraz and multiple plauge doctor costumes

Okay so one time I was googling something related to ww2 and then I ended up on the Wikipedia page for Italy and then the slaughtering of this little village and a fuckton of other stuff I don’t remember. The last thing I remember is how it ended which was on the page for my grandfather’s gynaecology clinic reading reviews

yeah this is deefff getting me observed by my school IM JUST A GUY WHO WANTS TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE HUMAN BODY :(

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