Nameless Grub · 1mo

I discovered your work during a Wikipedia deep dive about 6 months ago and immediately fell in love…it feels like it came to me at the exact perfect time. Everything you make is so beautifully disgusting…

I read serious weakness a few weeks after dropping out of university due to adhd and it immediately became one of my favourite books. Very cathartic read…Trianon’s line “I’ll always have to work harder than everyone else. I’m so tired of it. I just want someone else to take care of me.” was the first time I’ve ever seen that feeling depicted anywhere. Also loved the ending. Many other writers probably would have had Trianon kill Insul and run away with Oenone but what you went with was so much more interesting and thematically satisfying…returning to his old life would kill trianon just as much as the aquarium killed that shark (tho maybe a different kind of death)

Anyways thanks for infecting me with your art…I’m excited to keep absorbing it for many more years

here's to dropping out.
when the “right" path takes so much energy…one has to find the natural currents in the actual body one is living in, not the ideal one.

i needed to see a book with that ending
because every time i saw the usual kind, i knew it was about reinstating a world where people like me do not belong.

beautifully disgusting...exactly. thank you for your passion <333 🦈

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