Nameless Grub · 1mo

just wanted to say i got SO excited when i read the perfect tense lore tidbit about him being very attached to his psychiatrist/handler. mentor relationships are the horneyest thing ever to me and so much media just brushes that aspect off or tastefully “sublimates” it (the coward’s way out). every “manipulated prodigy” type book movie whatever would be better with some pederastic nightmare jerkoff fuel. the guys in whiplash should have fucked. hannibal is untouchable. anyway i just have a strong suspicion that you will do me right with this one and i can’t wait. CTE has kept me VERY well fed also, love rubi so much, invert representation is so important. a “please like me” model student who is also a bad boy who has all the power and yet none?!?! STOPPPP

fortunately for you I'M ALL IN. “pederastic nightmare jerkoff fuel” is my MIDDLE NAME. and I know for a fact, the mentor angle is very important to the artists. I have been and will be WRITING THE SHIT out of it. ABA therapists will be taking notes!!
thank you for your faith in me...I have a novella in progress that is 100% about a guy and his handler and it will probably give you a very nice heart attack. I hope to start posting excerpts from it this year.

the guys in whiplash SHOULD have fucked. god!! Hannibal pristine, YUP.

Rubicon yessss, he’s so special…I tend to write characters who have this split self hovering over’s the most interesting…new CTE this week probably! and it’ll be a scorcher…

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