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wanted to leave a note: i'm not sure if my interpretation is entirely what was intended (which i ultimately value, the author's sentiment is important to me) but 18 foot leash is one of the most beautiful, terrible, real depictions of how love changes you. i started crying after reading it. it captures the violence of falling in love, especially when one feels beyond repair. not to of course detract from anything else; i just think it all ties together, reaching this message that is so human or perhaps animal, even insect. also cried during it yet not from emotion but from how gross it was, like when your eyes water and lips pucker after eating a sour lemon. i mean this in the most admiring way possible. what a wordsmith you are. it's insane how you thread this through anal coffee. i love everything about your xrafstar. i will never forget this, thank you

you have no idea how much this ask means to me…
it’s basically the story i expected no one else to be into, but very personal to me, for a long time.
it can be hard to reach for love, if someone feels they only deserve addiction. this lonely, hollow substitute, endlessly recycled, pleasure without joy…anal coffee!!

i’m working on more leash:
-one is done and i’ll post it sometime, very short and peripheral, part of the same timeline. it’s awful
-the other takes place in a more…INNOCENT time. a reboot of the same characters. exploring the threads started in 18 foot leash. ano-sadistic solipsism, the soul versus addiction, NEW AND EXCITING BOY TECHNOLOGIES…

eyes watering…that’s the perfect duality of 18 foot leash, the longing that nausea can hide, always humiliating and devaluing the beauty that could save your soul, until you can’t–dripping for the worst and best reasons.
thank you for enabling my madness…thank you for loving xrafstar!! 😭😭💜💜💜

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