Nameless Grub · 23d

im not sure if u have before but can u talk a bit about the erohazard symbol ? ur works rlly resonate w me but something abt the symbol just blew me away, so much so i knew immediately i wanted it either branded, tattooed or scarred in my skin. id just love to hear more about it, what it means, the history, etc… if thats something youve thought abt before

the symbol is by Evan, as part of a series of INNOCENT signs indicating zone hazards/conditions

like many effective symbols, it has been independently discovered in many cultures throughout history
like anything with X’s or O’s or smiley faces
i'm sure there's other symbols that combine these elements
but Evan made this one working on our game. i'm glad you like it. you can see the other signs here. very grateful to the INNOCENT propaganda wing. <3

the feeling is what it is

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