Nameless Grub · 16d

love INNOCENTverse so much and am so so excited for it. can i ask what the slogans on the website mean/if theyre references to anything? ive enjoyed trying to piece them together on my own and have a few guesses but cannot make much sense of it

thank you! 😇
mel timoris can be seen as a mechanical description of Ahrimanic/xrafstar biology, torture/bacteria as fuel; or a warning: do not make yourself sweet with fear or the flies will come.

donec ignoscat has some attachment to the theological notion of TOTAL DEPRAVITY
or that this world has been abandoned by god until it can be proven worthy of redemption.

it is interesting because these phrases are passed down as mnemonics which contain very real truths about biology, cosmology, etc, but are easily turned into theofascist meat mantras.
every era has a different interpretation
dead language is broken down by the living
as are all things enslaved by death
for their uses

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