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curious kitties · 4mo

le tolong le describe aku swcara detail

rrrrrr ga pinter describe orang but one thing that i love the most about you is the fact that lo loyal banget ke semua orang and really good at maintaining friendship, sure enough kalau temenannya bukan sama lo, ngga bakal selama ini :”)

Björn · 5 answers · 4mo

Hey, hey. What do you think of me? (Give me your honest current opinion, please.)

i guesszz kamu orangnya easy banget buat mingle and secretly funny (gatau sih nebak dr reply yg kadang suka lewat aja hehe) and still it’s good to know you

Björn · 7 answers · 4mo

Tell me your go-to coffee from Point Coffee

ng · 6mo

tave bantuin gw ajak temen temen join @ngeroleplayer dong, makasih ya tave

curious kitties · 6mo

How do you usually act when you’re attracted to someone?

Björn · 9 answers · 6mo

May I take a look on your all-time favorite playlist on Spotify?

curious kitties · 6mo

Hello, would you please help to shout this agency out (@scattershut)? Thank you!

Björn · 6mo

What practical skills do you wish you had?

EXCEL SKILL, it seems fun creating sheets that could help you to work even better and i just got amazed at people who able creating amazing tools from it :3 <3

curious kitties · 7mo

pe katany ga temen sm cheater, tp u masi temenan ama cheater tuh

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