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little kittemn · 3h

i am scanning your profile bcs it was interesting to see you talk about danmeis and suddenly, there’s jaiho. what do you like about this song?

My friend loves PCD since forever and they kinda influence me to listen to their song but Jaiho in particular was something I listened a lot growing up and I watched the movie as well so the song always randomly played in my head. It's a very nice song tho.

little kittemn · 5d

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

A night... worm, I'd say. I stayed up until late at night but have to get up early.

little kittemn · 5d

Have you ever pet a ferret?

little kittemn · 7d

can you speak mandarin louie? and if you do is there any tips for those learning the language?

Well honestly I'm not very good with speaking because the tones' difference still haunting me (even until now). But for me personally, since I'm more like a learner through listening, I think you'll just have to be chronically online and consume a lot of chinese based media like their drama, varshow or audio drama so you'll get used to the daily vocab and everything. But each people have different way to learn so just try to explore and find the suitable ones. Good luck!

Genesse Eldonite. · 8d

Louie, hey! Do you have any recommendations on which website to read light-novels...?

Danmei and chinese novels in general are mostly fan-translated works, you just have to sign up in novelupdates.com, get your desired novel to read and follow the link to the tl-er website!

Angkasa Rayya · 7 answers · 8d

Planning to have a movie night, would you kindly suggest me something to watch? It could be 2D or a series as well.

little kittemn · 9d

How do you cope with loneliness, Louie?

little kittemn · 9d

Louie, your presence on timeline sometimes reminds me that life is still worth living. (Biar bisa baca banyak danmei)

HAHAHAHAHA thank you!! I'll update some reading threads in the future I hope you enjoy my presence and my nonsensical commentaries about them.

little kittemn · 11d

Louie kamu menarik, saya pengen jadi teman kamu.

Terima kasih banyak! Boleh, silakan follow saja atau mau dm dulu juga nggak masalah!

Lorelei Guinevere · 4 answers · 2mo

Have you ever received kind words from someone? If so, do you mind sharing it with me and telling the reason why you still remember them to this day?

I received a lot of kind words especially from my close friends. We're just idk bickering a lot but whenever any of us feels down and everything, we will support eachother's back and gave tons of comforting words.

Danish K. Gabriel · 4 answers · 3mo

Pernah campurin makanan/minuman yang gak biasa atau bahkan ekstrim gak? Kalau pernah, campur makanan/minuman apa?

𝐒𝐎𝐔𝐓𝐇. · 6 answers · 3mo

Selamat siang. Saya penasaran, hewan favoritmu, apa? Dan kenapa kamu suka hewan itu?

top 5: fox, horse, snake, wolf/panda they're in the same rank now, jellyfish. no reasons. i just vibe.

little kittemn · 3mo

if you could pick one out of Doraemon's pocket, what would you choose? ✨

Celine · 11 answers · 3mo

Hey, what's your favorite flower and its color? I'm curious to know. Is there a special reason why you like it?

pink peonies, blue hydrangea. forget-me-not, aster, gardenia, blue rose, red rose, yellow iris, white orchid, lily of the valley, pink carnation, bluebells, lavender. banyak. no specific reasons. i love flowers.

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