Pandy asked 2 months ago · 9 Answers
What was the latest thing that made you realise someone you called a friend isn't a friend anymore?

In grad school, this girl befriended me out of thin air. We had known each other as classmates, but suddenly she was trying to be friends. I didn’t question it because she was really fun. We ended up studying for the comprehensive exams together. She wasn’t that good, and needed constant help, but I didn’t mind. She called me CONSTANTLY for help and I always took time away from my own studying to help her prep for a subject I had didn’t have to test on. Then, the night before the comprehensive exams, I called her (I don’t even remember why), and she just coldly said “sorry can’t talk I’m studying I don’t have time.” At that moment I realized exactly why she had befriended me. That was the end of the friendship on my end. I was still cordial, but nothing like before. She didn’t even question it. We drifted apart. She’s now a proud republican and a strong supporter of defunding planned parenthood. Yikes.

Answered by cLOUD