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LaDamaX · 3 answers · 3h

What letter of the alphabet are you built like and why?

Arthur · 3 answers · 8h

Would it be difficult to hook up a calculator to chat gpt? It can't do math right.

It’s good. I like to teach my students that they shouldn’t trust technology blindly.

Arthur · 8 answers · 13h

My 15 year old cousin is dating a 24 year old dude. Thoughts?

Daniel · 7 answers · 1d

Do you usally open the door when someone rings the doorbell?

😆 no way. One time some weird guy rang the doorbell and we locked eyes through my kitchen window. I just made myself scarce. Could hear him saying “girl I saw you, open the door!” Freaky much? Go away dude.

LaDamaX · 9 answers · 9d

When you come across a houseless/unsheltered person in your community what feelings, thoughts, or actions does it inspire?

Depends. If they come knocking on my window as I’m stopped on a freeway exit, not too favorably

Kate Matsuda · 5 answers · 8d

Now that the Supreme Court in the US basically made the President a King the only way to hold them accountable is using the Kennedy method? WTF?

Arthur · 8 answers · 6d

Cops suddenly point guns towards a group of black teenagers in a rich district in order to frisk them for threats. Turns out they were sons of international ambassadors and the government had to issue official apologies. Thoughts?

Shannon. · 12 answers · 7d

Are you happy with your weight?

No 😭 I’ve been yo yo ing furiously for the past couple of years. I’m currently at a high peak

Kate Matsuda · 9 answers · 8d

Mums to daughters: Do not get pregnant! When you get pregnant your life is over! You can become a slut! Pay attention! Here are condoms, here are pills, here's a book to read! Stay away! Do not have sex! Do not get pregnant! You are prey! Stay away! - Society: Mums and family are the firm building blocks of society! But pregnant girls are sluts! - WTF?

It’s a man’s world out there. Supported by women who are “not like other women.”

LaDamaX · 8 answers · 11d

Do you have Venus dimples (dimples of the extreme lower back)?

LaDamaX · 10 answers · 11d

What do you naturally seem to attract?

Arthur · 8 answers · 14d

Why does lemon grass smell and taste like lemon if it is not a lemon?

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