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Daniel asked 4 days ago · 11 answers

Do you have to deal with winter depression?

Ugh yes. And this getting dark by 5pm isn’t sitting well with me either. Sorry to all the peeps who have to deal with my malaise

Kate Matsuda asked 12 days ago · 6 answers

When in public I would love that people would remind themselves everybody can see their faces. But then I thought it is better to see it all than to find yourself in the company of ghosts.

Totally unrelated, but when I have face mask on, I feel myself contorting my face into weird exaggerated positions

Arthur asked 7 days ago · 8 answers

How to squeeze more hours out of a day? Sleep less? Waste less time?

Daniel asked 4 days ago · 10 answers

What would you eat and drink if you had to consume 10000 kcal in one day?

Pandy asked 7 days ago · 15 answers

With one month left in 2023 - is this year going according to plan for you?

Kate Matsuda asked 7 days ago · 10 answers

I helped a customer with his computer today and found out it lacked memory space. She was hoarding e-mails dating back about 15 years. And they had many attachments. We gained 300GB of space deleting those older than 2015. What data do you hoard on your PC?

My MacBook was soooooooo freaking sluggish. Waking it up was a 10 minute ordeal. I was having trouble saving word documents. They just wouldn’t save. Apparently, iMessage on my computer was keeping ALLLLLLLLLL my text messages, including a ton of pictures, since the year 2016. I was like… wtf … deleted that shit, logged out of iMessage, and my MacBook is running like new for the last couple of years. .

Dingus asked 11 days ago · 8 answers

Is less always more?

I guess… cuz less debt makes you more rich 🤷‍♀️

Dingus asked 11 days ago · 8 answers

Do you have Main Character Syndrome?

Kate Matsuda asked 12 days ago · 11 answers

Girls fall in love with what they hear and boys do fall in love with what they see, that is the reason why girls wear makeup and why boys do lie. True?

If makeup is a lie then so is choosing flattering outfits and pleasant scents

Arthur asked 16 days ago · 13 answers

If you were a teacher, would you accept an overdue assignment?

LaDamaX asked 17 days ago · 9 answers

Do you feel like your parents seemed and looked older than you at your same age? My parents had three grandchildren at my age. I couldn’t imagine being a grandmother at my age.

My mother had a 14 year old when she was my age 😳 can’t imagine myself with a teenager.

LaDamaX asked 20 days ago · 11 answers

Serious question: Why do men ask women to smile? Do we owe the world smiles?

Yes ! you are put on this earth for their viewing pleasure … cmon …stop questioning it and smile mamasita

Pandy asked 22 days ago · 9 answers

What is the latest thing you're obsessed about? (i.e. tv show, song, human being - if you're creepy etc.)

Kate Matsuda asked 23 days ago · 7 answers

1:3 = 0,33333333333333.... 0,333333333333x3=0,99999999999
Conclusion of the conspiracy theorists: Math is fake. Math makes a fortune out of stealing 0,00000000001 off the results!

LaDamaX asked 26 days ago · 12 answers

What do you say to or do for a work colleague who is having a bad day?

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