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Arthur asked about 14 hours ago · 4 answers

Finance/grammar question: who insures the insurers that insure insurers? Can you at least say that out loud? 😜

Arthur asked 1 day ago · 6 answers

So my teacher once mentioned a highly influential politician from a powerful oligarchy in class and asked if I knew them. I just realized why: my full name is 80% the same as his. Did someone ever feel surprised upon hearing your name?

I have a rare combination of first/last name. And not only that, the way it’s spelled in English is also rare. Someone in my town has the same exact name/last name as me, spelled exactly the same way. She is a few years older and apparently got a divorce years ago (I got notices from lawyers trying to locate her). Then, she had an affair with a married man and this man’s wife called my parents pretending to be my friend and when my mom refused to give her my number she stated cussing them out and then calling every hour to leave horrible messages about me being a ho. Wonder what my namesake is up to these days. 🤔 the end.

Arman asked 3 days ago · 9 answers

What do you usually ooze?

Kate Matsuda asked 3 days ago · 7 answers

We have records that in the 11th and 12th century AD women used to push a fish inside their vagina and serve that fish later to their man as an aphrodisiac. Stop thinking that the person selling you love gems on Insta invented it all.

Merida asked 5 days ago · 14 answers

It's not that I don't trust you, but ______.

Arthur asked 6 days ago · 8 answers

Why is jumping windows (safely) so fun?

Dingus asked 7 days ago · 6 answers

How often have you flashed someone online or IRL? And was it a marathon of flashing or just a quick n' dirty stunt to burn someone's eyebrows off?

I flash my husband all the time. Most of the time not on purpose.

A asked 7 days ago · 9 answers

What do we fear, which hasn't happened yet?

Merida asked 8 days ago · 13 answers

Could you be in a relationship with someone whose political ideals are completely opposite to yours?

korstybai asked 8 days ago · 9 answers
One to help me concentrate and one to help me sleep
Merida asked 8 days ago · 10 answers

For how long can you be a fiancée? I mean, is there a maximum of time since you're proposed til you really get married?

My husband proposed in august, we planned to get married the following June… but couldn’t wait and got married in January. I’m sure if we were living together we could have waited longer, but we really wanted to start our lives together ASAP. And as you know, me having extremely old fashioned prents, that could not happen until the government gave its seal of approval.

Merida asked 8 days ago · 13 answers

Do you think people in RS have an accurate idea about who are you and what your thoughts are about the different topics we usually ask about?

Who knows 🤷‍♀️ I don’t know who’s paying attention

Kate Matsuda asked 9 days ago · 11 answers

Do you have any erotic triggers that nobody else has? Me: Girls wearing shoes that are cut out so far as to reveal the start of the toes, just the first few millimeters. Has an devastating effect on my hormone system like almost nothing else. Maybe only rivalled by a deep back cleavage but that is known to mankind already. It's weird, I know.

Back cleavage ? That’s a good thing? Is that when your back fat gets squished by your bra and makes it look like bewbs?

Arman asked 11 days ago · 10 answers

What's your credit score? How many credit cards do you have?

Arman asked 11 days ago · 9 answers

Suppose you're a grasshopper. What do you do to win a fight against a human?

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