Will there be any more "Insert audio name here"?
That depends on patrons requests and/or commissions.

How much are commissions?

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For questions outside of business/commissions. {NO AUDIO REQUESTS, PLZ}


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Secret asked about 11 hours ago

Have you heard of inkblot partnering with hiveworks? How do you think it might influence the site?

This is honestly probably a better answer to ask a webcomic artist. I don't really know. Inkblot is far perfect but has grown exceptionally since its creation. Also, I feel more confident that this is one of the few new social media that can actual "last" compared to some of the others that have spawned (and died). I don't know, it could be a good thing or not. I'm not sure if Hiveworks has any shady practices I should be worried about.

Secret asked 4 days ago

I’d love to know more about your characters. i want to ask what exactly is Hector and Percy’s job? I know Hector is the COO of sorts but what does he mainly do? Same with Percy?

They work at a big entertainment company that does a variety of stuff but mainly seeks and hires talent (singers, actors, influencers, etc). Hector basically manages everyone at the company. Make sure the accountants are accounting, the reps are repping, etc. Percy is a neobaby who is supposed to hire and find new talent but he basically just goes clubbing on company time.

Secret asked 7 days ago

How come you took down your fa account ?

Secret asked 8 days ago

Do you think you’ll be doing more Eddie/venom stuff ? Big fan!! Also how much are your commissions ?

Idk. It depends on if my patrons want it or if I get commissioned for it. Here are my commission rates.

Secret asked 9 days ago

Hi there I was wondering if you were going to upload the scripts for the “ Nice Guys Finish Last” and “Alien On Top” audios please? :)

The scripts are uploaded to the sub accounts and e-shops. They're not uploaded publicly because those audios are not available to the public.

Secret asked 10 days ago

Hello, i don’t have a question but i just wanted to say i love your audios and i think you are doing an excellent job! I can really tell the time and care you put into each one to ensure a good quality!

Secret asked 11 days ago

Is gummy and the doctor the only series that is animated?

Technically it's not really "animated", it's more of a picture drama. If you're looking for something similar you can check out Count to Ten which is another project I worked with DCS on.

I don't really have any interest in animating any of my audio.

Secret asked 12 days ago

do you prefer a strong melody or a powerful percussive track?

For audio? I prefer ambient beats, so I gues percussive tracks?

Secret asked 12 days ago

if someone paid you to replicate the WARIO LAUGHING video by memory, would you do it and how much would you have to be paid?

I have no idea what that is, so I would probably just recommend them to someone else. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Secret asked 12 days ago

What was the price of your last commission? For reference

A better ref is my commission page which lists all my prices.
Commissions vary due to length, sfx, payment processors, discounts, and the number of VAs. So mentioning the cost of a specific commission may not be accurate for what you may need.

Secret asked 14 days ago

Do you still think about Angel and Bask?

Secret asked 14 days ago

I keep trying to find this site and then losing the link omg but that one week you uploaded TWO werewolf audios at a time??? You were so wild for that and we truly ate good. Kudos forever. I don't have a question, so ill make one up...Do you ever think about space?

Ha ha thanks.

I actually think about space all the time. It's so FUCKING BIG. And you know they're aliens out there.

Secret asked 14 days ago

Two army guys? TM/M ????????????????

So the description box says this platform is not for audio requests.

Secret asked 16 days ago

what audios seem to be doing very well and popular for you?

Secret asked 16 days ago

Do you check your DMS for voice submissions?

I'm not sure what you mean by "voice submissions". During casting calls, I ask people to submit auditions through either my email or Discord.

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