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Secret asked 6 days ago

Do you feel comfortable making an audio of a trans guy having vaginal sex with a cis guy if you were commissioned to make one?

I already have audio of that exact scenario so, yeah I would be comfortable with it.

Secret asked 15 days ago

Dear Cmakesp, Not sure if this question has been asked but I bought a track from you on the app Bandcamp, but I just wanted to make sure that this money was actually going to you and not to someone else reselling your audio. Thanking you!

Secret asked 16 days ago

When Hector said "guys like me don't have easy like guys like you" was he saying that as bc Percy grew up rich while he didn't or that white people like Percy have it easier then poc like him. Or both?

Secret asked 16 days ago

Are you no longer keeping/uploading any of your audios (already released) on guided? I ask because you have completely disappeared from the app and trying to find where your audios other than twitter...

Yeah, Guilded was closed SEVERAL months due to inactivity on the server (aka nobody wasn't using it)

Secret asked 19 days ago

Is there a chance Percy and Hector will actually start dating in the later audio uploads???

Secret asked 27 days ago

Can you recommend other similar audio creators? Don't get me wrong, I adore your work and you're my only goddess, but I need more wank material while waiting for your next creation. 😄

Splathousefic BIAcheron leighlangello

Also, I don't care if you listen to other creators lol. You're not beholden to me.

Secret asked 29 days ago

would you ever make another alucard and trevor audio? I absolutely adored it as a huge castlevania fan myself ^_^

If someone commissions me for it or if it gets voted on again by my patrons.

Secret asked about 1 month ago

Are you going to continue with the Royal Duties series?

Unfortunately, no. Not a lot of people seem interested in it, I'm afraid.

Secret asked about 1 month ago

Is up yours gonna continue? Not a request just a question also I love your work it's amazing how much effort you put into!

Yes, but please be aware that is series is extremely expensive and I can't afford to do back-to-back EAS of it.

Secret asked about 2 months ago

Do you take comissions? If so where would I request a audio comission?

Yes, I do! You can either feel out this form:, email me at [email protected], or DM me on twitter for one.

Secret asked about 2 months ago

If I buy a track on Gumroad or Bandcamp, will you get all the money I paid?

Not all of it. Both sites have fees that take from the total purchase, but I appreciate what I do get.

Secret asked about 2 months ago

Are there any fandoms you’d like to make an audio for but can’t find VAs for? (Just curious!! I’d love to know what other fandoms you’re in as well).

Secret asked about 2 months ago

hey there! what pronouns do you prefer us to use for you? thanks!

Secret asked 2 months ago

What are Percy's and Hector's height difference? Idk I find height differences very funny

I don't have an official height yet, but bought are in the 6 feet range with Hector being just a little bit taller than Percy.

Secret asked 3 months ago

is there some things that you would be interested in doing as a future project for your audios? like maybe genre, plot or topic?

Yes! I have a lot of ideas for stuff I would like to do in the future. It's just a matter of time and spreading out funds.

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