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Secret asked 5 days ago

Ok, this has been on my mind for a while so I have to ask: Would Percy ever top Hector?

Secret asked 12 days ago

I loved the new up yours episode! When percy said he 'doesn't date' was that implying he's aromantic? I'm aro and I think it'd be so awesome 😁

No, Percy was just being extra (implying that his too good for dates). But hey fellow arohead 👋🏾

Secret asked 22 days ago

hi! i was wondering, aside from Dr Bee, did you have any other audios with an asexual character?

Pervert and Stress Relief feature an asexual character. Special mention for No Fuck Givens which is for asexual listeners. All these audio do contain sex, though, just a warning if you're a sex averse ace

Secret asked about 1 month ago

oh I didn't know about A03. it makes me glad about your Guilded and that you have set up. I do wish that there was a membership/subscriber thing on like Gumroad has.

Yeah, but I don't think is at the point yet (that is if they ever decided to do something like that.).

Secret asked about 1 month ago

Just popping in to say I'm a bit sad you left A03. Loved your Geraskier stuff. Your works are so well produced and I think the only audio plays in the Witcher fandom. You are missed. Best luck to you ✌️

I didn't leave Ao3. I just deleted my fandom content from there. I wasn't getting a lot of engagement in my content plus due to the site's strict policy against "advertising" to paid services. There wasn't much of a point for me to keep posting there.

Secret asked about 1 month ago

(2/2) and also how you choose what dialogue/vocabulary you write for the trans/nb character’s… parts? I mostly ask bc I’m still figuring out being comfortable with my body and hearing characters who are confident/comfortable with themselves to that extent is like cool. thanks!

So when I first started, I was very "direct" on what parts a trans/nb character had. But after getting some feedback from my trans audience as well as listening to some trans creator, I try not to really reference parts all. I try to remain a vague as possible without refer to something as a dick or clit or whatever.

Secret asked about 1 month ago

Thank you for all the queer audios you make! I especially appreciate the trans/nb ones because it feels very validating to know it’s possible to feel sexy/desirable. I hope this isn’t a weird or invasive question, but how do you figure out what SFX to use for NSFW scenes and (1/2)

I have a sound library and kind of just figure out what works from there.

Secret asked about 1 month ago

Have you played any visual novels? And this might be a weird question, since you’re in Japan, have you been to akihabara/any maid/butler cafes or comiket/conventions?

Yeah, I played a few VNs. I tend to be picking with them though. I actually wanted to go to Comiket when I first got here but then corona happen so... There's actually a well-known maid cafe near me and I've been tempted to go but honestly...maid cafes are kind of cringe and I know I wouldn't apprentice the experience as I hate having that sort of attention on me (though I'm not sure if they would even pay attention to me since I'm not the demographic they appeal to). If an overseas friend ever visited me, I might go to one with them but for now...nah.

Secret asked about 1 month ago

Do you play any video games? What are your favorites?

Yes! Favs are Undertale, Tales of Symphonia, Space Channel part 2, Thousand Year Old Door, Windwaker, and Animal Crossing

Secret asked about 2 months ago

what is some of your favorite, funniest, and/or the best kinds of feedback from your VAs when they get the script? what about the most... interesting kinds of feedback?

Majority of the VAs I work with don't give me any feedback, really. Sometimes they say they thought a certain line was funny but that's about it.

Secret asked 2 months ago

where is your comics or something?? I felt like a romance comic was on your web until recently. I may have the wrong person

Not sure what you're talking about as I don't make comics. I did one time commission DCS to make a short comic for Fuck Humans once.

Secret asked 2 months ago

re: Fuck humans s2. i'm not sure if you've already wrote s2, so feel free to disregard this. but if not the important VAs are able to continue, i think it might be interesting to explore other couples/other kingdoms/other lore in the FH universe.

Secret asked 2 months ago

Is Up Yours 5 going to be the end of the Up Yours sequels? ie would you run another crowdfundraiser for another sequel?

No, it's not the end. There will be more. I've been getting a lot more patrons over at my patreon lately, so there is a chance I won't even have to do another crowdfund or if I do the goal would be real low.

Secret asked 2 months ago

Can people from other countries be in your audios

People from other countries are in my videos. I'm not sure what is considered the "default" country here but I've worked with those who live in Canada, US, UK, Japan, etc. The only countries I might come in problems with are countries that have censored internet and/or have trouble receiving payment. (China, Russia, for example)

Secret asked 3 months ago

No question, just to say you're doing a great job, and I love Geralt and Jaskier (especially Jaskier). This couple is the best, I want it never to end between these two. I thank you for sharing all these terribly exciting masterpieces. Just frustrated that some become paying. Up Yours will be greatly missed me. Not being able to see the sequel breaks my heart. But it doesn't matter, I will continue to watch your non-paying works which are just as cool ! 😊👍

My paid content is the only reason why my non-paid content exists. If I didn't have money to pay people to voice act in them then there would be no content at all.