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୨୧ DazzlingGleam ୨୧

I'm Dazzle. I'm an artist that likes to draw my characters and sometimes write stories. I enjoy video games, music, anime and other things. I love cute things and the color pink a lot.

my imaginary world
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Arman asked 11 days ago · 14 answers

Do you have clothes that you haven't worn for more than a year?

Yup. Have clothes that I never wore that I got 4 years ago. Still brand new with tags.

Anon asked 4 months ago

What do you do on the weekend?

Usually, I just sit back and watch movies, play video games, or be on the internet looking for things to do. Usually I draw, but I lost my pen to my tablet, so yeah...

Anon asked 9 months ago

What is one thing you would like to become better at?

This is honestly a hard question, but I want to become better at writing or drawing.

Even if I never animate anything in a long time(and those only being 2 seconds of hot trash), I wish I was better at animating too. Animating my own characters doing things seems like a dream I always had my whole life.

Sadly, this isn't a good answer and I just can't choose only one thing...

Anon asked 11 months ago

What do you think about dragons?

Dragons are awesome! They blow fire out of their mouth and stuff. I always love to draw dragons as a kid and I still do now (´▽`) I remember working on one project that centered around dragons and stuff years ago, but like the rest of my stuff, they never see the light of day (-_-)

Anon asked 11 months ago

What languages do you know?

Sadly, I only know English, but I've been trying to learn Japanese since 2012 and still can't form a full sentence on my own... Still learning at a snail's pace lol

Anon asked 12 months ago

Have you ever been to Japan?

No, but I wish. Visiting Japan is a dream for me (❤ω❤)

Anon asked about 1 year ago

What is the worst thing ever?

Being misunderstood and ignored, and that happens a lot to me sadly

Anon asked about 1 year ago

Do you like social networks?

No, they're terrible. It really brings my mental health on a decline. I try to use less websites now and mostly focusing on things like drawing and practice on my writing.

Anon asked about 1 year ago

Have you ever listened to classical music?

I did listen to classic music and sometimes I like it more than music that plays on the radio nowadays

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