Arman asked about 1 year ago · 10 answers

Do you have clothes that you haven't worn for more than a year?

Yes, souvenir t-shirts I don't wear anymore so they won't completely disintegrate.

Yeah I have some from before losing weight and I should probably donate them, or wolf down pasta until they fit again

I have some in a box that are a smaller size than I wear now because I used to be thin. I keep them just in case I ever lose weight (which I probably won't), because they're cool shirts and there's only one way to come across cool shirts and that's luck, so I collect them over the years.

Yes, thanks for the reminder. I should go through those at some point soon

Yup. Have clothes that I never wore that I got 4 years ago. Still brand new with tags.

Yes. I have a jacket that is so old and worn out... but it is of sentimental value for me.

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