Mage Robot, I do obscure Nintendo retro stuff

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Anonymous Coward asked 7 days ago

Hey luigiblood, I was trying to replace a song in F-Zero x expansion 64dd using n64soundtool but every time I load my rom it crashes. So how would I go about doing this? n64soundtool is updated to the latest btw

Anonymous Coward asked about 1 month ago

What would you like to work on next after you're considered "done" with the N64DD? Other console peripherals, or maybe a whole console? Or just get some rest?

I wish it would be the Game Processor next, but maybe the Famicom Network System or the JRA PAT modem?

Anonymous Coward asked about 1 month ago

Can you fix fps problem in Chrono cross for the switch pls.

Anonymous Coward asked about 1 month ago

First of all, I love your stuff on Twitter, which is where I found you. I do enjoyed what you put there in terms of whatever is on your mind such as preservation, and maybe other things such as leaks and rants for some sorts. My question, is that, so far, what is your favorite thing to post (can be either topics on preservation, leaks, or anything you thought of) and why?

Anything that I work on and obscure Nintendo stuff because I'm just a big Nintendo fan. Always been fascinated on the obscure side of Nintendo, of software / hardware they made that either were rare, experimental, creative or simply unreleased.

Anonymous Coward asked 2 months ago

I'm a bit confused, will the cartridge ports for 64DD games (Mainly the Mario Artist games) save? I've heard that they don't save but I haven't actually heard that many times... I just wanted to check. Does it require a certain flashcart (Or even just a flashcart in general)? I've got an ED64P (The version without the cartridge port on top to make it work) which I know isn't the best at all for N64 flashcarts but it was the only one that I could get due to the Everdrives' prices. Thanks in advance!

So I'll list each flashcart and tell you its particularities: - 64drive: You have to extract the data via USB so you can keep the save somewhere. - Everdrive 64 (Official): If you use ED64 OS 3.x, after a reset, it saves to the SD card automatically. - ED64plus: I believe you must use Alt64 firmware to run them, and then to save, reset after you're done playing, but it might take a long time to save so be patient.

Anonymous Coward asked 3 months ago

Do you think the derby stallion modems for SFC could hypothetically be used to run some sort of net code? Too much of a stretch? Any clever use scenarios for those things you can think of? Thanks!!!

If you mean the JRA PAT, they're not for Derby Stallion. They're it's own thing from the Japan Racing Association. It could do some netcode considering you can receive and send info. It won't be fast since it uses the controller port for it though.

Anonymous Coward asked 3 months ago

Would you recommend using m64p at this time for 64DD emulation, since Project64 is starting to fall out of favor for general N64 emulation? Or is Project64's 64DD accuracy but decreasing general popularity still outweighing m64p's popularity for general N64 emulation but lower 64DD accuracy (Or at least that's what the site says, I'm not sure if that's still the case)?

I still recommend Project64 for now because I believe Japan Pro Golf Tour 64 does not work correctly on mupen64plus, and also because it's the only emulator of the bunch having a slow disk access mode for the Mario Artist Paint Studio prototype build.

Anonymous Coward asked 3 months ago

can xband be emulated

NO$SNS goes the furthest in the menus, but you cannot use XBAND to do netplay.

Anonymous Coward asked 3 months ago

Greetings, I want to buy ED64 Plus in order to play F-Zero Expansion Kit Cartridge Port from https://64dd.org/translations.html. Since Proyect64 dont save N64DD content (custom courses and machines) will ED64 Plus does?

But Project64 does save content, just don't play the cartridge port, those are only meant for flashcarts that support them. ED64 Plus does support them but only via the unofficial Alt64 firmware. But I don't know more about that.

Anonymous Coward asked 4 months ago

I Want To develop a game for the SNES CD-ROM Add-on where is there a SDK on the internet

Well you can use whatever SNES development tools and then rely on Super Disc documentation from NO$SNS.

Anonymous Coward asked 5 months ago

Do you know if it would be possible to put a rom on a normal magnetic disc and play it on a N64DD? Just out of curiosity.

I'm not entirely sure of the question but 64DD only recognizes its own proprietary floppy disk format.

Anonymous Coward asked 5 months ago

How long have you been a Kirby fan?

Anonymous Coward asked 5 months ago

Is Yakumono (your OC) male, female, or neither?

It doesn't really have a gender, but I don't really mind any pronouns to be used for that character though.

Anonymous Coward asked 5 months ago

Thank you for all the information. I'm the one who posted about how the extract personal data from a BS-X cartridge with a Super NT. Yes, i'd like some help if it's ok for you. Which files do I have to send you so you can copy the data to the srm file? The BS-X rom and the srm file generated with the Super NT? I used these options to extract them: rom: 1MB ram: 32kb chip: none map: lowrom

Is it ok in that way? Thanks in advance.

Please DM me on Twitter or Reddit or something and I'll personally help you out, it will be a lot easier.

Anonymous Coward asked 5 months ago

Hi, Is it possible to extract personal data from a BS-X cartridge? I read a post about how to extract games from a 8mb card only. I recently bought a BS-X cartrige (with no 8mb card) and it includes user items in the map, such the "speed shoes" and I'd like to extract all this progress. I tried with a Super NT, and I only got the Bios and a srm file, apparently usless with any emulator. Thanks in advance.

It's dumpable with a SuperNT but you need to dump almost the entire Memory Map and then manually copy the data into a SRM file because it's non standard. I can deal with this part if you want.