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Mage Coward · 5mo

Whatever happened to The biggest batch so far (Part 2)? Is there more Tamori no Picross in our future?

I burned out, out of the sheer amount of dumps to manage. Looking up their context, understanding at times what the stuff was about, it's just gotten too much to manage alone + honestly it's not a job that I like doing. And then it's just poor management from me. This is being worked on as of the last few days, and the biggest batch only got even bigger over time. Maybe it won't have a blog post though, but I swear this is coming this year.
Also yes there will be more Tamori no Picross coming.

Mage Coward · 5mo

I recently got a DD, as well as Mario Artist: Paint Studio and Sim City. Until now, both disks worked. However, Mario has suddenly stopped reading, I get error 23 every time. Sim City still works. There looks to be a handful of very tiny marks on the disk, like fluff, and a faint ring that follows some of the disk's circumference. On the advice of the seller I gently cleaned the disk with a cotton bud and isopropyl, but still no luck, so they recommended I reach out here. Any help would be mega appreciated!

Error 23 means unrecovered read, as in, it could read, but it couldn't read it correctly, so that seems like the disk might be dead out of nowhere, unfortunately? I can't really provide much more help on that front, sorry.

Mage Coward · 5mo

Whenever I try to rip the mario artist talent studio ports sound bank with soundtool, sound tool crashes, any idea why? got soundtool here https://github.com/jombo23/N64-Tools
and the ports here https://64dd.org/dumps_p.html

Nope. I don't mess much with these tools, I didn't even know the cartridge ports were even supported.

Mage Coward · 5mo

I just got back from Japan and have friends all over the place over there. on the flight home I ran into a article talking about a fan made f-zero2 copy of the game based of found footage and thought it might be cool to hunt these things down with a friend(these things being games that have not been backed up yet). How should we vet these things out and verify what game is on the memory card and if it works at all? his first search came up with 3 of them at 6800 yen. would send the pic but...

Honestly the best way to manage is simply to just dump the data directly and look at it later. That's how it mostly goes for Satellaview, especially when a lot of stuff we're looking for like Soundlink games will not show up in the BS-X's selection menu.

Mage Coward · 6mo

Your retrospring isn’t being linked on your current website, are you not really wanting to ask questions anymore?

It's on the Social Links page actually. I had kind of decided to keep the index page to the bare minimum. I just think if they want to ask questions that badly I may as well leave it to people who bothers to check a bit further.

Mage Coward · 6mo

The Mario Artist Talent Studio cartridge port corrupted seemingly without warning on ED64P, the save data won't open in-game nor in MFS Manager (great program by the way), is my save completely nuked? (I've been keeping periodic backups in case this would happen thankfully, only ~2 Talents were lost and I have reference photos for future recreation)
...I guess this is a good time to ask, how in-depth is the SummerCart64's 64DD emulation? Does it allow for disk swapping? And does it save 64DD games quickly?

Sounds like the save is nuked, sorry. There's normally a backup system in the game's save system but it seems even that didn't work out so I don't have any real recommendation to make except maybe to check your SD card as that can be the cause.
About SummerCart64: It allows for disk swapping with the press of a button on the back and it saves 64DD games in real time as the disks are streamed through the SD card (or USB if you use USB). I should make a video showcasing the 64DD support honestly.

Mage Coward · 6mo

What do you think would be the easiest/cleanest way to enable Capture Pak/Cassette support for the Mario Artist cartridge ports (if there weren't any restrictions on budgets and motherboard availability)?
A GameShark-like cartridge stack? Hacking the Capture Pak support to recognize it from the bottom port and sticking a device there? Somehow getting something like the Doctor V64 to work and save correctly with the cartridge ports?

A GameShark-like stack is the easiest and cleanest way. Also no hacking is required for the bottom port, it's 1:1 identical to the top port. But I just hope the Cartridge Ports becomes fully useless over time.

Mage Coward · 6mo

Can I play The Town Whose Name Was Stolen on an emulator? I mean, properly playing it. Is there anything to do, or is it just an empty town?

There's no real proper way to play it. It was always kind of empty even when it was active. You can edit it with SatellaWave and an emulator that supports the exported files like bsnes-plus (Recommended), SNES9X and Mesen. Or hope that we dump all the SatellaWalker games which are actual stories in the BS-X universe.

Mage Coward · 6mo

(Sorry for contacting you again on RetroSpring, I don't know if you're still active on Reddit and I don't have Twitter) Every release of Altra64 hosted on the repository by Suprapote claims 64DD games don't save, is this the correct version of Altra64 for 64DD saving?
The menu version I'm currently using is already some sort of flavor of Alt(ra?)64 (I'm not entirely sure which), it at least boots 64DD cartridge ports

Okay, my mistake, it seems you should use Alt64 and not Altra64 (it's such a mess I'm sorry). Alt64 apparently allows to save 64DD games if you reset.

Mage Coward · 6mo

Which savetype do I need to set the Mario Artist games to for them to save on the ED64P? SRAM 32 and SRAM 128 don't work (I'm resetting after I'm finished playing, so that's not the problem)

None of the save types will work because it's not standard at all, it rewrites the ROM and the menu is expected to update that. I believe Altra64 menu does this.

Mage Coward · 6mo

Hate to ask again regarding the Mario artist polygon studio soundfont, but is it possible to rip its sounds?

Mage Coward · 6mo

how much text is in Marvelous? I’ve never played the game, but I’m a translator who hasn’t done much in ages, and if it’s relatively light, I might be able to offer help?

Mage Coward · 6mo

Have you played Return to Monkey Island?

Mage Coward · 6mo

Are you still working on Marvelous 2.0 and BS Detective Club?

The main issue is getting people to help but then I don't actually reach out to the few who got in touch with me...

kiiii · 6mo

Hi! Do you happen to know if theres an english translation for the GBC version of Hajimari no Mori? Or if anyone is working on one? Tysm if you happen to know!

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