Mage Robot, I do obscure Nintendo retro stuff

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Anonymous Coward asked 14 days ago

Do you know if it would be possible to put a rom on a normal magnetic disc and play it on a N64DD? Just out of curiosity.

I'm not entirely sure of the question but 64DD only recognizes its own proprietary floppy disk format.

Anonymous Coward asked 14 days ago

How long have you been a Kirby fan?

Anonymous Coward asked 15 days ago

Is Yakumono (your OC) male, female, or neither?

It doesn't really have a gender, but I don't really mind any pronouns to be used for that character though.

Anonymous Coward asked 16 days ago

Thank you for all the information. I'm the one who posted about how the extract personal data from a BS-X cartridge with a Super NT. Yes, i'd like some help if it's ok for you. Which files do I have to send you so you can copy the data to the srm file? The BS-X rom and the srm file generated with the Super NT? I used these options to extract them: rom: 1MB ram: 32kb chip: none map: lowrom

Is it ok in that way? Thanks in advance.

Please DM me on Twitter or Reddit or something and I'll personally help you out, it will be a lot easier.

Anonymous Coward asked 18 days ago

Hi, Is it possible to extract personal data from a BS-X cartridge? I read a post about how to extract games from a 8mb card only. I recently bought a BS-X cartrige (with no 8mb card) and it includes user items in the map, such the "speed shoes" and I'd like to extract all this progress. I tried with a Super NT, and I only got the Bios and a srm file, apparently usless with any emulator. Thanks in advance.

It's dumpable with a SuperNT but you need to dump almost the entire Memory Map and then manually copy the data into a SRM file because it's non standard. I can deal with this part if you want.

Anonymous Coward asked 20 days ago

What can you tell me about your Yakumono character? Any details about their character, how you came up with the design and name, etc.? Have you many full-body drawings of it, cause I'd like to see the full design as I do like it.

Literally just wanted to have a sona, took me a lot of brainstorming. Instead I ended up just mashing up two of my favorite characters in one (Roll.EXE and Magolor). The name came from an inside joke related to Kirby Air Ride reverse engineering. There isn't any backstory to the character, it's just meant to represent me. I have done several full body drawings including a full reference sheet with the full body design from all sides. I uploaded them on Twitter.

Anonymous Coward asked 21 days ago

Are people allowed to draw your sona?

Yes, I enjoy seeing what others do with it a lot :)

Anonymous Coward asked 26 days ago

What is the button mapping for the hagi emulator for SMS in SM3DAS when using Switch Joy-Con controllers?

Anonymous Coward asked about 1 month ago

I was wondering if you've done any research into the emulation they're using for Radical Dreamers with the new CC release. I've been doing some research and trying to figure out how the rom itself (program.rom) is encoded/what emulator they're using.

Barely. The ROM is a standalone version that has the BS-X font included and other things, and they're clearly using a SNES emulator with embedded hacks to replace text on screen.

Anonymous Coward asked 2 months ago

What's your opinion on the phrase "it's always morally correct to pirate Nintendo"?

My opinion is that if you say that you should say the same for Sony and Microsoft lol

Anonymous Coward asked 2 months ago

How would you define "retro" as an adjective (e.g. something from before at least 20 years ago, 30 years ago, 40 years ago, &c.)?

Anonymous Coward asked 2 months ago

Do you reverse engineer any emulators/ROMs/retro/hax/etc that are NOT based on Nintendo?

I don't. I admit most of my interests are on the first party stuff.

Anonymous Coward asked 4 months ago

Opinion on the pc ports of the N64 game's?

It's alright. I dunno what else to say about them lol

Anonymous Coward asked 4 months ago

Do you think the Nintendo 64 is worth getting the original hardware considering the current state of emulation?

N64 emulation works fine if you have a good enough PC to run parallel at full speed for the most demanding games.

Anonymous Coward asked 4 months ago

Will future versions of Project64 ever work with all of the ROM Hacks, especially SM64 Hacks to Modern Plugins?

Probably not I'm afraid. Keep that 1.6 version around.