Nameless Rumia

Rumia appreciator, hobby translator, reluctant internet anthropologist, and complete jerk.

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Nameless Youkai · 1mo

What is the ideal number of times to masturbate each week? Doing it 5 times a day seems like overkill, but nofap seems unhealthy.

I don't particularly keep track of things like that, nor do I have an ideal number in mind, but I will say that it's only overkill if you're trying to force it when it's psychically starting to hurt.

Personally, I do it 1-3 times a day, maybe? However, I do have days where I just don't feel like doing it at all, and there are extremely rare occasions where I can go up to 7 times.

Nameless Youkai · 1mo

Do you support or oppose the Sageru Bees?

Nameless Youkai · 3mo

Why did you change the wiki icon? Not a communist anymore or did you stop caring about driving away redditors and 4chan?

Also do you a place where we can donate to you to help you keep the wiki running? It's an incredible resource for english cookie☆ fans.

The wiki's current logo integrates Rumia's ofuda into the red star, which is just a lesser-known form of communist symbolism. I wanted to be more subtle with it, since subtleties are fun, plus the hammer and sickle was getting kinda goofy to look at after leaving it up there for four whole years.

As much as I'd like to accept donations, I'm still deliberating what would be the best option, since I'm wary about payment services leaking personal information and I'm generally conflicted about creating a page on one of those subscription platforms that you always hear about.

Nameless Youkai · 3mo

Greetings from somewhere far away from US. How do you translate so many languages into English on your wiki? Did you spend tons of times to study about them?

It's just a combination of dictionaries, machines, and brain power. Nothing impressive.

Nameless Youkai · 3mo

Thank you for adding a picture to my np wiki page, I forgot T_T
- padisha

Nameless Youkai · 7mo

What's your perfume?

Nameless Youkai · 5mo

Hey man what happend to the wiki?

The wiki was having performance issues that I hadn't resolved until this week, and I can't really think if I'm also thinking about the wiki getting knocked offline while I'm asleep or working. In addition, a wikibreak was long overdue, where I'll occasionally take the wiki 'down' for while to gather myself since I do make a ton of meticulous edits and aggressively check in on it.

I believe it's ready to be moved back, but I don't have the energy to do all of that right now, plus I got a few things to tend to in reality since I don't get paid to exist on the internet.

Nameless Youkai · 5mo

How are you today ? Is everything alright

Nameless Youkai · 6mo

"lowkey interested in how people perceive me and would love questions asking me why i am the way i am" oh

Nameless Youkai · 6mo

what do you think about the points made in this article?

What am I? A college professor?

I will say that it sounds optimistic in a weird way, but there are definitely better ways to say "despite information being in the palm of our hands, there persists a rising interest in spirituality and whimsy as the facade of techno-optimism withers and we lose a sense of self" in less than 21 paragraphs.

Nameless Youkai · 6mo

I haven't really been online-online in a while, but I thought of you when I saw that the Lions won their division. Please savor this.

2023 NFC North Division Champions, baybee!

Yeah, I really hope the Lions can make a run and win playoff games. I'm fairly confident that this team can, but it'd be so lame if they just laid an egg or we have another reason to be the aggrieved.

Nameless Youkai · 7mo

Really appreciate the wiki, just wanted to say thanks. Also, assuming from the hamsic on the wiki the "ML" in your twitter bio means marxist-leninist?

Nameless Youkai · 7mo

At what age/year did you start browsing imageboards? I'm asking this because I'm blown away by how much you know about so many imageboards that and niche internet phenomena that I never even heard of, you must've been an even worse imageboard addict than myself...

Nameless Youkai · 8mo

Stumbled upon your wiki while searching for information on Love the wiki, its so detailed! Awesome work :)

Nameless Youkai · 9mo

Hello. I am new here. Am I going to regret stumbling upon this wretched place?

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