slagathor asked 4 months ago · 13 Answers
What is your attachment style score? Is it what you expected?

What did you get? I got -Avoidance of Closeness - 71 :Whether it involves emotional expression or developing a deep intimate bond, you're the type of person who is prefers not to get too close to a partner (if at all). You are also not comfortable relying on your partner when necessary, as well has having him/her dependent upon you in times of need. (I sort of figured somethings was off about be compared to others I know) Funny thing is as a kid I always avoided being too close to others and isolating myself. (If I'm being honest, part of me probably stays off of social media to avoid just becoming too close) (wups: sorry I spilled so much of my tea) I need to control this (thanks for giving out the link) Not sure if my score is wicked or wack.