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Hakunah Matatah
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Kate Matsuda asked 3 days ago 路 11 answers

Did your parents ever approve of your friend you brought home? Did your mom think your love interest was a good person? What did she say?

Sometimes we see what others don't and it hurts- when others see things we are blinded to because of love.

LaDamaX asked 4 days ago 路 15 answers

Are you wifey material? 馃槈

Arman asked 2 months ago 路 9 answers

[] "How do you feel about women pinching men's bottoms in the street?"

馃憦 She shouldn't be doing that for free... I'm sure she'd be able to get paid for that right?

Arman asked 2 months ago 路 13 answers

Do your thirst traps work?

Secret is you get more victims if you add honey 馃嵂 馃悳馃just don't be surprised by what you find floating nearby

Arman asked 3 months ago 路 8 answers

Describe your inner cheerleader!

She retired a year ago and is trying to comeback from loss.

Merida asked 3 months ago 路 14 answers

Can you trust in what you don't understand?

Trust in patterns. Sometimes things are not as complicated and overthinking can often happen.

Sean 鈿○煠 asked 2 months ago 路 19 answers

Is your index finger longer than your middle finger? Is your second toe longer than your big toe? I need to gather some data, for science

Does size depend on the angle? Asking for a friend if I measured from the top or bottom would my answer significantly change? 馃ゲ

Arthur asked 5 months ago 路 17 answers

How often do you take selfies?

Overall less often. It's more entertaining to observe the world through a lense than to spend it on myself.

Dingus asked 5 months ago 路 9 answers

Do you work too hard or play too often? Is there splendor in your grass? 馃馃徏

In the glimpse of it all time is a mystery. If it all means something then hopefully the correct choices were made

LaDamaX asked 6 months ago 路 14 answers

How do define or understand faith to be?

Having hope and belief in a positive outcome or reality through unknown means?

Tbh I'm clueless and hope someone else on here has a better answer

Arthur asked 9 months ago 路 10 answers

(kinda inspired by Merida) tell me a bad question to be read by a stranger peeking at your phone.

Did the test came back positive? we need to talk... Please get back to me quickly

Kate Matsuda asked 10 months ago 路 14 answers

What's your opinion on 'nude' cats? That breed almost devoid of all fur. They give me the creeps! I in all earnest do shiver!

Poor babies. honestly they like any breed are at no fault of their condition. It's weird yes some animals are unsightly but I imagine everything has a purpose

LaDamaX asked 9 months ago 路 17 answers

You can ask God (assume they exist) one question and get a detailed response in return. What do you ask?

Give me the cheat code to my life- i know we all make mistakes but all I've ever wanted was the purpose to it all. Plus... As years go by life seems to dip around every other corner.

Daniel asked 10 months ago 路 15 answers

Is there someone for everyone in the world?

I mean that that type of groupie love is unconventional but if one person can please everyone then shoot... How do they do it? Lol... Yes i answered it in a non PG way I'm sorry 馃檲

Shannon asked 10 months ago 路 7 answers

My man is plus-size and I'm slim - people say our relationship is fake but I love him' Sienna Keera, 27, moved all the way from Sydney in Australia to live with her husband George Keywood in London - but while the pair are happy in their relationship they have to put up with vicious trolling. Thoughts?

It's easy to cast judgement regardless what anyone looks like. Most people tell me they don't like my boyfriend because he always in black and has tattoos and idk you can't judge a book by its cover. He is sweet and ironically calms me down whenever i overthink. I'm always colorful on the outside and probably have many things not in common with him but deep down something clicked. You said it in your question... The pair are happy and that's what matters. With so many people on this planet they found each other and hopefully their love last for a very long time.

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