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Anonymous · 29d

What do you mean about not wanting to be a "fandom translator"?

Anonymous · 29d

Which one is harder to translate for, Digimon or Saint Tail?

Anonymous · 1mo
Anonymous · 1y

Hi, for the digimon survive translation, do you have the Japanese lyrics as well for it?

Anonymous · 1y

Uh,i am making a project on onscure digimon topics,and i felt like it would be great if i can use your materials. I will credit you and give the links,don't worry. It just that,i want to inform you because it doesn’t feel great taking it as it is. Thanks! And look foward for the product!

Anonymous · 1y

Would you consider translating the website profiles for The Beginning?

I'm actually considering doing a pet project right now where I translate the human character profiles from Digimon websites and submitting them to Wikimon or something; I noticed they have them for the Digimon and not the human characters, but the website profiles often have interesting info that you wouldn't normally find in fan summaries. I don't know much about wiki markup, though (I'm decent with HTML and CSS so I understand the theory but anything to do with nested templates confuses me), so I'd definitely need to get someone's help.

Anonymous · 1y

what's the italian(?) at the beginning of izumi's character song?

I have no idea! It's clearly Italian because the first word is obviously "vento" ("wind"), but past that I can't make heads or tails of it; the Japanese accent is just too thick. It's not in the official lyrics, either, so I have nothing to work with. If any Italian speakers would happen to know, I'd appreciate any help!

Anonymous · 1y

As I know that you are helping with the translation process for Danball Senki novels, can I ask that what is the process of the Danball Senki W Novel vol 2 now?


We estimate about 30% done. Sadly I can't give any projected time frame for finishing yet, but it's still slowly making progress.

FernandTheFresh · 1y

What was the most interesting thing you've learned in the process of translating prose novels?

Anonymous · 1y

what's your opinion on digimon official subs in general?

Anonymous · 1y

I remember watching tri. back in 2016 when the second part was released and there was a peak of Mimi fans on some spaces using the word "jikochuu" untranslated. I found this peculiar because the BR-PT subs translated the term to "egoísta" (selfish) instead. And then, the same word had already appeared in a digimon material before -- MenAS -- as a joke-mon for Tentomon's Armor Evolution. I noticed you translated the names of all those jokes, so I'm curious about that choice.

Anonymous · 2y

hi, I just wanted to ask more about the reasoning behind "pocket garden" in Distorted Happiness

Anonymous · 2y

Does the Fourze novel not have a timeline?

They only started including them in the Gaim one. Every one after that one so far seems to have one, the only exceptions being the Zangetsu one (because most of it would be redundant with the Gaim one anyway) and the Zi-O one (because I don't know if making a chronological timeline for it would even be possible).

Anonymous · 2y

but why "Chronos" tho

Anonymous · 2y

since you said you were interested in certain rider novels but not others which are you interested in? just curious

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