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Luna Saphira Dragofelis asked 15 days ago · 6 answers

Opinions on macros in programming?

Just like almost everything in life, this type of stuff can be nice when used properly and only when appropriate, and otherwise can quickly be a recipe for disaster. Macros are one of those 'implicit' programming concepts, the stuff that you just can't notice by simply reading code, and I've been bit enough times by all kinds of implicit programming that I started actively avoiding that.

If your macro has some way to let developers notice that it is a macro just by reading the code where it is used, like how you will always notice a Python decorator or a C# attribute, then that's fine as long as the name of macro gives away what it


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A cute plushie asked about 1 month ago

I also think you're very cool, and feel like I should interact more (I say as I interact with you frequently, but feel like it might not be very interesting for you)

If you want to have more interesting conversations, maybe try sending me email? I like to have emails from friends instead of only getting receipts from online orders…

A cute plushie asked about 1 month ago

you're so cool and interact w/ so many cool ppl ;;; kinda just wanted to say ty for being in my tl?

a,, I often feel out of place on fedi and definitely not cool lol so thank you

A cute plushie asked about 1 month ago

Would you make a text-based RPG?

Coding one would be interesting I guess, but I just don't have the inspiration for that, I'm not imaginative enough… I also don't have much experience with RPGs in general so that doesn't help :')

A cute plushie asked about 2 months ago

Can you draw pixel art

I had a few tries at pixel art and I guess I know the gist of it but I'm far from being able to draw anything from scratch really. I am very slowly (5 minutes a year) working on a project to retrieve all of the Win9x pixel art, here, and it should involve more work than just some cropping since I want to get full objects in transparent images: for example, i'll have to finish the briefcase in this pic. But I'm not starting from nothing…

A cute plushie asked about 2 months ago

Read any good books lately?

I've got a reading list on my wiki but I really need to read more, and not just non-fiction… But well the last book I read, a few months ago, is inspiring if you want to write more things, be it blog posts, books, papers, etc.: Weinberg on Writing: the Fieldstone Method

A cute plushie asked about 2 months ago

Can you draw, and if so how well?

All I can do is draw simple schematics, usually in my dream journal when I'm trying to describe the layout of a room. I got some nice tools a while ago because I wanted to practice sketching a bit but I have no time at all to dedicate to that and I'm not even good enough to feel motivated to do it…

A cute plushie asked about 2 months ago

you wouldn't pat a lucidiot

I wouldn't pat myself but apparently some people want to ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A cute plushie asked about 2 months ago

Time travel via pogo-stick, the new innovation!

Fun fact, I forgot the name of a pogo stick and asked a few coworkers for help until we found it, so replying to that question cost my company an hour of salary

A cute plushie asked about 2 months ago

spring back in time (no, I don't know what I mean by this either)

Maybe you meant going back in time using a pogo stick? That sounds like an interesting low budget sci-fi TV show waiting to happen.

A cute plushie asked about 2 months ago

RIP my tilde ASCII art not showing up as art

I did a bunch of random tests and it seems retrospring has some amount of markdown support. We can both use bold italic strikethrough links and inline code, but you can't use code blocks and lists in questions.

I can use code blocks in answers though
  • and lists!
  1. and those lists too!
Mizuki asked about 2 months ago

When are you sharing your SIMD optimization code?

A cute plushie asked about 2 months ago

​ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ ~~~

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~ ~~, ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~. ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~. ~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~, ~~ ~~~~~ ~~. ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~ ~~ ~~~. ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~. ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~. ~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~, ~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~. ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~.

dd asked about 2 months ago · 4 answers

DO YOU hate x86

A cute plushie asked about 2 months ago

Lucidiot bakes bread when?!

I dunno, when the inside temperature drops below 22°C (it goes up to 31°C in the evenings!), then when I somehow manage to get my kitchen to stay clean for long enough for me to get motivated to bake anything, then when I no longer feel anxious about hurting myself in the process or about going outside to buy ingredients for it…