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Nameless Grub · 2d

you happened to be in a dream i had last night & you were very pleasant to interact with. i very rarely remember dreams i have so id like to thank your dreamshell for treating me kindly even though they would have faced no consequences for being cruel or rude to me.... cant wait for your next book, your words have a way of nestling deep into my brain & never leaving <3

that's so sweet...i practice a lot at remembering dreams so maybe that was the familiar benefit i conferred. 🦇
i hope you will enjoy the book, and have more good dreams <3

Nameless Grub · 4d

Not a question just want to say i could not be more excited abt your next book, i have read Serious Weakness cover to cover 3 mayb 4 times now i forgot and cannot wait for another plunge into the toxic acid bath of your work <3

thank you so much, ahh i'm glad you would want to read it so many times! godspeed your dissolution into the alkahest!

Nameless Grub · 8d

reading ur stuff feels like entering the dead sea, all the minerals n shit perfecting my osmotic balances of sex and violence and being a disgusting little freak. things i cant get from most interactions or media. i've said it in other messages but again, thanks for staying alive and pushing the filth out publicly

yesssss. it feels crazy in the wrong ocean. thanks for being a disgusting little freak and thanks for wanting me to be alive!! 🐬🩸🐙💩

Nameless Grub · 10d

Thanks for introducing me to the word anhedonia. My body and soul and brain and heart have felt as if they're made of stone for most of my life. There are memories of brief flashes of laughter and comfort but my inner most self has always felt like a strange kind of unmoving fullness. I still feel emotions but it's mostly the painful ones. I do aspire to feel the brightness of your writing and feel real love eventually. Idk thanks a lot.

i really feel that. anhedonia has been one of my biggest problems my whole life. if it's never safe to have emotions, the body trains itself out of them. isolation can do the same thing. lack of exposure to the thing that “awakens” you.
i hate that numbness so much–to not even be able to feel sadness is the worst. i’m grateful for pain if it’s the kind where the feeling can pass through and be wrestled with. it took a lot of time and experience to figure out what makes me feel things and i’m still working on it forever.

i hope you find the things/ways of moving that help. love is real and worth fighting toward <3

Nameless Grub · 10d

i bought your ero hazard NNCNT shirt forever ago as soon as they went on sale and i adore it so much but i havent worn it once except in the house because im absolutely terrified of dirtying or damaging it. i love it so much

i'm so pleased that you like it. a xrafstar shirt would only be enhanced by dirt or damage, please don't be afraid to give it character and enjoy it with the fleeting life of insects. but i also understand "collecting precious items", so do whatever makes you most happy, and thank you <3

Nameless Grub · 15d
Nameless Grub · 16d

more like faggot therapy

sorry homos, you will find NO GAY CONTENT in ANY OF MY WORK
look elsewhere for your cheap thrills!!

Nameless Grub · 16d

i love your bugs love game (maggot therapy) and am uber excited for it. i was curious after the new update to the codex site about that rapid shifting gif with the changing text and just how many versions there were of it. i keep trying to count them and read all of them but im struggling lmao. am i cursed to this fate forever or would you ever share the stilled versions for my eyeballs

thank you!! i basically finished it this week--we might add one more secret ending and a little more art, but the rest is 1.0 ✌️
here’s how to read moving text.
use the snipping feature on your OS, or a prog like Lightshot. press the screen cap shortcut key. time will freeze. WITNESS ETERNITY

Nameless Grub · 28d

here's to dropping out.
when the “right" path takes so much energy…one has to find the natural currents in the actual body one is living in, not the ideal one.

i needed to see a book with that ending
because every time i saw the usual kind, i knew it was about reinstating a world where people like me do not belong.

beautifully disgusting...exactly. thank you for your passion <333 🦈

Nameless Grub · 4mo

one of my partners who originally introduced me to serious weakness recently introjected Insul to hurt me. so basically serious weakness got me laid. thanks porp

Nameless Grub · 3mo

Sorry, I forgot my question! I mentioned analyzing your website as I'm intrigued by its unique design. I was wondering if you could share some insights into the creative choices behind it?

Nameless Grub · 3mo

I found out about you when I was looking for websites to analyze for my UX design class and now I'm your new stalker, can't wait for your bug game! I love Perfect Tense so much and I frequently daydream about him (victim of brainrot)

haha i wouldn't use that terminology as i am indeed the very real thanato-erotic fixation of many unhinged individuals but thank you...from UX design class to the dregs of malarial debasement! life is full of magical little portals...
the first perfect tense game is my current focus and i am finishing up the final scenes! prepare the midden heap of Q? 2024...

Nameless Grub · 1mo

i think they should give you a billion dollars and the ability to make a show on nickelodeon, jhonen vasquez style, i want to see ur grubs ooze and leak through the picket fences of the S&P board.

I love that show. never finished as a kid, watching random episodes scavenged off the old net. so we watched all of it this year. so xrafstary n insectile, everyone chugging carbonated feces, the grimy militarized school and disorienting fast food hellscape, so real. the antagonistic misery of being a child that every other show turns into a quirky fantasy.

yesss, adventures of baby xrafstar…would love to make a show that permanently fucked up the psychosexual landscape of the next generation and was immediately canceled

Nameless Grub · 1mo

hi ♡ will the story collection you're putting out bring together all chapters of Cunt Toward Enemy ? If not, are you still planning a paperback of the whole thing when it's finished ?

Nameless Grub · 1mo

Hey, I've been trying to buy a copy of Perfect Zine but Mixam's site is borked and doesn't let you actually complete checkout, is there anywhere else to buy it?
I love your stuff, LKS is probably my favorite but serious weakness was more effecting, you articulated things I've always felt but could never properly express

your options are
1) wait for Mixam to fix itself ?_?
2) print out the PDF for a few bucks by uploading it to a different site or taking it to a print shop

and thank you!! <33333 RARARARARA!!!!!!

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