Kaleandra · 13 answers · 11mo

So, everyone. How’s life treating you? Tell me.

life is treating me like.. such unpredictable. but it's okay, i'm soooo haaaappy masih bisa minum coffee tiap hari yang bisa buat mood jadi gooooodd!! thank you for your sudden question, kak kaleeee. 💗

Life treating me well lately. I've got a lot of delicious food today and i'm so gratefull for it. How about yours, Kale?

well! aku liburan walauoun dihantui oleh tugas osis terus my relationship with my parents lg ok ok aja 🥹 my friends treating me well, i eat well, sleep well, banyak deeeeeh aduhmau nnagis sedih bgt sedih bahagia

well, life is always good. however, everyone i meet doesn't always do the same thing. it's just me choosing what i want. try to focus on everything that makes me happy. it keeps me sane, a little bit crazy, and it won't make me give up so easily.

Thank you for your sudden question, Kale. Life is treating me like… such unpredictable but, don’t worry i still could stay sane, stay healthy, stay strong and could get over it. No matter how/much the obstacles that would be bothered me. How about you, Dear Kale?

Today was a lot of fun! I thought it was going to be another boring day where I'd spend all day sleeping, but it wasn't! I finally went out after four days of doing nothing in my house😅😅

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