Nadiya A.

I hope your day is going great! ☀️

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noya · 6 answers · 1y

saran kegiatan selama libur dong!!!

Hmm, gimana kalau tidy your room up? Buang-buangin atau simpan barang-barang yang udah gak kamu pakai lagi, terus ganti sprei, lap kaca atau meja belajar (kalau ada), and many more!

Jade. · 6 answers · 1y

how do you cope with grief? i too need advice from you, and perhaps some of you have a means to deal with sadness. i'm not doing well.

I'm also not doing really well at the moment, but I cheered myself back up and kept on telling myself that things would get better! I also kept myself busy to prevent myself for being sad. Cheer up, Jade! You got this! <3 You may also talk to me, okayyy? My twitter account is on my bio. ^^

Ailo Arsenio · 6 answers · 1y

What are you doing on this weekend guys? 🥺 (Kepo)

Long weekend ini mau staycation sama sepupu-sepupuku! Would be really fun. <3 Kalau kamu?

tunAa! 😼 · 16 answers · 1y

Cara ngilangin loyo gimana sih

· 1y

taylor swift mau ke singapura, kalo kita pakai vpn singapura bisa ke lempar ke singapura ga ya buat beli tiket taylor swift.

noya · 8 answers · 1y

kalian suka mie instan rasa apa? 🧐

Anonymous Sender · 1y

Good day, Nadiya. Is it rude of me to ask, if mayhaps, you're currently setting your eyes on someone right now? Of course, you may ignore this query of mine if you find it unsettling. I hope you're having a wonderful day, sweet Nadiya.

Pleasant afternoon, dearest sender. Although I don't find myself to mind your question, I would like to keep it a secret, of whether I'm setting my eyes on someone yet or not. You may ask me privately on my DM. Thank you and have a great day also!

emily sinclair. · 8 answers · 1y

may i know your favorite comfort songs to listen to when you're having a bad day?

Hmm, I think it would be Flower by Isabella LeVan and A Million in Vermillion. Give it a listen, Miyie, I think you would love it as well. <3

emily sinclair. · 1y

hello to my precious ghibli lady, nad-nad. will you please tell me your favorite ghibli movie and the specific reason why? as a fellow ghibli fan, i would love to know. also! your retrospring theme looks very soft and comforting ♡

Good evening, sweet Miyie. [pleading emoji] It would be Whisper of The Heart! Because I truly love the romance and I like both of the main characters' traits. And... Who doesn't love Seiji Amasawa? (///-///)

· 1y

kenapa burung bisa begitu? karena begitu aku gatau jadi begitu

haeL · 6 answers · 1y

what’s y’all current obsession??

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