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Daniel 14 answers 4mo

What's something nice that has happened today?

LaDamaX 6 answers 4mo

At what point in their/her life does a woman become matronly? Is being labeled as 鈥渕atronly鈥 an insult?

i鈥檝e only heard it in the term of matron of honor, which is only if you are a maid of honor but already married? idk. I looked up the term and I personally would not want to be called a conservative old women lol.

Kate Matsuda 11 answers 4mo

Had today a sip of matcha-latte. Now that makes me question peoples taste. How could that beverage conquer the caf茅s and the customers when it is a green nuisance? Any ideas?

Kate Matsuda 10 answers 4mo

I do lack ideas for cooking dinner today. Any ideas? No pizza, np burger, no french fries, no convenience food. Just some home cooking?

I like chicken so my favorite meals are like a chicken souvlaki salad or like glazed chicken bites with fried rice with roasted veggies

Teo 12 answers 4mo

In the US, in my experience, it's primarily Christians, Mormons (Latter Day Saints), and Jehovah's Witnesses who are known for being pushy about their religion. In your locale is that also the case or do other groups fill that role?

I would say the same in my experience with the most actively outreaching being jehovah鈥檚 witness as they are the only ones here that go door to door and also during the summer they stand in groups at street corners and try to stop people who are just walking through

Pandy 9 answers 4mo

Do you get hit on enough? (i.e. flirted with, asked out on dates)

I wouldn鈥檛 wish to be hit on more often. I already dislike how socially anxious I get from it

Pandy 8 answers 4mo

Where are suitable and unacceptable places to hit on people? (i.e. flirt and ask out etc.)

do not hit on me while I am working - I am paid to be nice to you. other professional settings perhaps? if they are working and I am there as a customer/client/etc also not really appropriate (doctor, teacher, cashier, etc.)

I don鈥檛 love people approaching me for no reason but as long as they are respectful and don鈥檛 react badly to a no i鈥檓 ok with that. other than that I don鈥檛 take issue to people hitting on me

Pandy 12 answers 4mo

What are your thoughts on the profession of prostitution?

should be made safe, legal, unionized maybe? come with good salary and insurance. but I also think 18 is too young. 24 I would be more comfortable with, with all sex work.

Kate Matsuda 10 answers 4mo

I now stumbled across an online meme several times so I have to ask: Is it a normal behaviour among civilised people to pee under the shower?

inhahe 13 answers 4mo

Is stupidity/low intelligence a character flaw?

inhahe 17 answers 4mo

If someone offered you $200 for being ugly, would you accept it?

sure people can have their opinion, if they want to pay me for having that i won鈥檛 say no to free money

LaDamaX 13 answers 4mo

How would you describe the color of your eyes? My daughter says mind are 鈥渃ockroach brown鈥. 馃槄

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