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Pandy asked 1 day ago 路 10 answers

What is the cheapest way to make your day? (whatever your answer is, it must cost something monetarily)

it鈥檚 about $2.50 for one of my coffees or for a fresh bagel with cream cheese so I鈥檇 go with either and be happy.

Pandy asked 1 day ago 路 14 answers

5 months into 2023 - how would you say your year is going?

it鈥檚 been very lifey. seemed like a bunch happened that other times in my life things happened it felt more spread apart. it feels like things are moving fast and I鈥檓 not sure I like that. But despite some challenging things I think I am doing well right now.

Commons asked 1 day ago 路 7 answers

Who is your fav vlogger of all time?

I鈥檓 with Teo, not really sure what constitutes a vlogger anymore. I want to say Drew Monson, he鈥檚 not vlogging exactly but it鈥檚 not structured videos so I鈥檓 counting it.

LaDamaX asked 1 day ago 路 7 answers

What did you last impulsively make a decision about and regret?

I don鈥檛 regret things too often even if I realize after it was the wrong choice. so my last regret from an impulse has been quiet a while and it was most likely a regret of looking up an ex on social media.

LaDamaX asked 1 day ago 路 10 answers

What were you hesitant to do, did, and were glad that you did?

when I interviewed for my current position I was hesitant to leave the comfort of my previous position at work.

LaDamaX asked 1 day ago 路 11 answers

What are you indecisive about (not including what to wear or eat)?

Arthur asked about 10 hours ago 路 6 answers

Let's say you have a day off on Valentine's day. Is 12 days enough time to find someone to spend it together?

it鈥檚 enough time but I wouldn鈥檛 look for a date for valentine鈥檚 day.

Arthur asked 1 day ago 路 11 answers

Meteorology question: It's almost winter. Temps are around 20掳 (Celsius) at daytime and 18掳 at night. Many people are wearing hoodies. What's the situation where you live?

it is 75 fahrenheit which is apparently about 24 celsius and getting warmer. the situation where I live is we just had a very long winter that the weather stayed well into spring time and then we practically skipped spring and got to summer weather now. people are wearing their shorts and sandals

Teo asked 1 day ago 路 12 answers

What are the vibes today

productive vibes at work 馃し馃徏鈥嶁檧锔 but once I go home I think I鈥檒l be more self care vibes

A asked 5 days ago 路 8 answers

What's your impression of Astrology? Yep, not astronomy but astrology.

I freaking love it. I met a newer friend recently who has sent me endless scientific studies disproving it. And I do get it, the initial information on astrology isn鈥檛 strong enough- and a lot of our resources have been made for entertainment. But, I can鈥檛 help it. I still love it. and as I鈥檝e told my friend, it鈥檚 true for the people in my life that they fit their astrological charts. I see it as the universe has influences on us but that doesn鈥檛 mean there鈥檚 not other factors that produce different outcomes.

A asked 5 days ago 路 7 answers

What comes to mind if I say "It's a near miss"?

sounds like if just one thing went differently or wrong it would鈥檝e been a complete miss.

A asked 5 days ago 路 10 answers

Do you listen to podcasts?

A asked 5 days ago 路 10 answers

What reduces stress?

talking to a friend or professional, doing something you love that鈥檚 good for your mind or body, listening to music or asmr, going for a walk

A asked 5 days ago 路 10 answers

What's your opinion on Holistic medicine?

it can be helpful. I am open to trying different ways to fix any illnesses I have but I鈥檒l also use modern medicine. I was actually pretty sick over the weekend and used modern medicine initially for my symptoms, pain and fever. But then used manuka honey for my throat and have continued with just that. I also think at times it can be dangerous if it鈥檚 looked at as the only choice. No reason to reject all of modern science and medicine completely, especially in cases when doctors and professionals advice that modern medicine can be necessary.

A asked 5 days ago 路 5 answers

Does the way something is portrayed, affect how we view the subject? Such as, if we only ever see or hear negatives about something.

Yes I think so. An easy example of this would be fashion trends, what鈥檚 in and out. Certain things are portrayed as tacky, not flattering etc therefore out. But the same thing will be back in style and portrayed as the opposite of those things. But the item may never have changed just our portrayal of it.

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