Daniel asked over 1 year ago · 10 answers

What do you think about people who are convinced that vaccines cause autism?

Vaccines can and do cause autism and a bunch of other problems including even death. Vaccine package inserts list warnings, precautions, contraindications and some adverse reactions and tell people to report adverse reactions. They don't tell the full story but they tell more than what you normally hear about vaccines which is why people don't even know about them. Vaccines contain toxins/neurotoxins such as mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde(which is also a carcinogen) and ammonium sulfate. Injecting people with increasing amounts of neurotoxins that are able to bypass the blood-brain barrier increases the chances of neurological disorders? Gee, who would of thunk it? The skyrocketing vaccine rate coincides with skyrocketing autism rates? Gee, what a "surprise." Provaxxers are NPCs who treat vaccines as a religion/cult and blindly swallow Big Pharma propaganda hook, line and sinker. Imagine trusting Big Pharma and thinking they're not corrupt. Imagine thinking Big Pharma actually cares about people instead of about money like other corporations. Imagine trusting the Big Pharma-controlled media. Pro-vaxxers/NPCs are corruption deniers. Fuck the vaccine religion/cult. Question everything or be willing to question everything. Oh, yeah, Big Pharma whistleblowers are a thing but people don't care unless it's on TV and approved by the corrupt, corporate media.

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