Aderyn Ursa · 24 answers · 6y

Who do you think is the dumbest in school? And who do you think is smartest?

Sarah is definitely the dumbest person in this school and for the smartest.. that's a little trickier, but I think I'll go with Nova.

Dumbest is most definitely Sarah, smartest is a little harder, but if I had to guess I'd say Nova or maybe Yue

I have to say with out a doubt, Sarah is the dumbest creature on the planet, so her for dumbest and the smartest one in the school is probably Nova, Yue or Lumina

Um.. not sure I want to go into such things, but my best guess is that Sarah is the dumbest and Yue, Lumina or Nova is the smartest

As a teacher I'm not sure I should really measure students like this, however judging by the test scores I will have to say Yue generally have the best over-all score on all the tests I've seen from her and Sarah, the poor dear usually has to do make-up work.

I know it's wrong to talk about the students but dumbest = Saori + Sarah and smartest = Shiryu, Yue, Lumina and Nova

Hm... well, Yue's probably the smartest one, but not sure who the dumbest one is...

Hm.. I think the dumbest in school is most likely Sarah and the smartest is probably either Nova, Yue or Shiryu

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