Kirsi Auriga
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Saori Kido · 21 answers · 6y

Who is someone you'd feel disgusted kissing? (And you can't say me, Misty or Aphrodite)

Aderyn Ursa · 17 answers · 6y

ZP49: How long do you function without food and water?

Saori Kido · 20 answers · 6y

What do you think about?

Saori Kido · 29 answers · 6y

New game~ Fuck/Marry/Kill/Kiss/Kick~ Your options are Seiya, Shun, Ikki, Hyoga and Shiryu, go~

Fuck Hyoga, Marry Shun, Kiss Seiya, kick Shiryu and Kill Ikki. At least he can come back~

Aderyn Ursa · 20 answers · 6y

If you could pick someone to get stuck on an island with, who would you pick and why? ;)

Aderyn Ursa · 22 answers · 6y

What's your favorite candy and if you don't like candy, tell me what you like to eat as a snack~

Aderyn Ursa · 5 answers · 4y

What's the scariest monster?

There was a demon that could control my mind... It made me attack my own brother... That was horrifying

Aderyn Ursa · 7 answers · 4y

What's the longest amount of time you've spent in the woods so far?

Only when I need to go on missions, I spent most of my time on snow covered grounds and bodies of water, after all

Saori Kido · 28 answers · 4y

How would you feel if your partner wanted a polyamorous relationship?

Saori Kido · 20 answers · 4y

Would you sacrifice your brother or sister to save a bunch of random people you don't know?

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