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Anonymous Coward asked 7 months ago

You are loved and admired by more people than you know!

Epsi asked 7 months ago · 20 answers

Do you know you're a lil mew mew?

no but you are the littlest mew mew :blobfoxboopcute:

Anonymous Coward asked 8 months ago


Today In Focus, Hot Money, The Art of Manliness, Pretend, Sword and Scale, True Crime All The Time, True Crime Guys, Ship It!, 2.5 Admins, Darknet Diaries, Founders Talk, Go Time, Late Night Linux, Linux Lads (I'm a co-host), Malicious Life, The Changelog,

takes a big breath

and (infrequently) The Homelab Show

binarycat asked 8 months ago


Anonymous Coward asked 8 months ago

Do you think retrospring will ever get emoji support like Fedi does? I've seen you use a lot of emoji codes...

I mean the creator is on fedi so maybe :akko_shrug:

Anonymous Coward asked 8 months ago

amolith, go to bed

you go bed

it's only 18:05 :wolfarmscrossed:

norm asked 8 months ago

Why did you decide to call yourself Amolith?

It was a bunch of letters that sounded pleasant and vaguely elvish in sequence :comfyshiba:

When coming up with a new pseudonym, I do a keysmash, edit until it's pronounceable, take parts of that result that I like, incorporate them into another, and iterate until pleasant :P

tomxcd asked 8 months ago

I REALLY REALLY like dragons, on a scale of 1 to 100, how much do you like dragons?

I mean dragons are beri beri cool so I'd say about 80

but I have a feeling my like and your "like 😏" are quite different 👀

sfr asked 8 months ago

from a scale of 1 to gay, how much is amolith

cheru asked 8 months ago · 1 answer

Amolith plays the guitar and sings?? :O Just how many instruments do you play

Heh I would only say I play double bass (primary) and guitar. I used to play piano and organ professionally but it's been many years since I've seriously touched either. I've also messed around with clarinet, trumpet, didgeridoo, Native American flutes, penny whistles, fifes, bass guitar, mandolin, violin, cajon, accordion, dizi, banjo, and some others here and there but not enough to say I really play them.

The next instrument I desperately want to obtain is a RAV Vast drum. Unfortunately, they're very expensive and there's only one manufacturer right now :crie:

Anonymous Coward asked 10 months ago

What's your opinion of emus?

Anonymous Coward asked 10 months ago

You wouldn't amo a lith.

Mizuki asked 9 months ago

Have you ever tried playing guitar?

Yis, I have a guitar sitting on a stand right beside me and sometimes do music streams where I play guitar and sing :02smile:

Anonymous Coward asked 10 months ago

smol or big pp?

if you're asking about me, i have medium pp and i'm content :cirno_uwu:

if you're asking about preference, smol pp cute while big pp feels nice … but i usually prefer cute things so i like smol pp more than big pp even though they're both beri gud

Anonymous Coward asked 10 months ago

find all non-trivial zeros of the riemann ζ function

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