I'm cherri hi

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Crafti asked about 1 month ago · 9 answers

have you reached your ideal dream life? if not, how does it look like?

no and .. not sure on a grand scale, as it would probably depend on the stage in life I'm at. An ideal current life for me would me, well, you know being in an environment where I know I have the freedom to properly express myself without fear of being judged, having friends IRL I actually have fun hanging out with (btw that implies ideally going to raves and such huehuehue). And being able to make a decent living off something I actually consider moral and beneficial and also find fun enough. There's a chance once I get older in the further future I'd enjoy the house life, taking care of a little garden and stuff like that.

dd🌺 asked about 2 months ago · 17 answers

Do you have a portfolio of your projects or similar? (I just updated mine!)

Crafti asked about 2 months ago · 6 answers

do you feel comfortable at the moment, in a way that affirms your gender?

nop, I'm still closeted for now. And also to fully feel comfortable, as in with the people around me too, I'd have to move out of the country so that's fun. But I'm not too bad with coping, I'm cherishing the little wins I have along the way. Anyway should take the big step pretty soon...

dd🌺 asked about 2 months ago · 13 answers

What fills you up with energy or hype?

dd🌺 asked about 2 months ago · 14 answers

How do you deal with yourself?

shy silly shrimp asked about 2 months ago

blobcat or blobfox?

dd🌺 asked about 2 months ago · 15 answers

Are you having a good day?

Crafti asked about 2 months ago · 7 answers

do you feel wanted/accepted by your peers/friends/people around you?

Online ones? I feel lucky to say that yes. Offline? not sure, some maybe some.

Puniko asked about 2 months ago · 17 answers

how does one shard a redis-server?

Jacky asked 3 months ago · 13 answers

why are they asking questions without profit incentive?

dd🌺 asked 3 months ago · 15 answers

Do you like having voice calls with online friends?

Not all the time but sometimes.. I get overwhelmed easily by speech coming from multiple people too.

vyivel asked 3 months ago · 10 answers

Are you comfortable with crying in front of friends? And people you don't know?

I'd prefer not... but if it happens it happens I guess.. Though it didn't happen for a while now, but I used to start crying fairly easy as a kid up till pretty late.

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