I'm cherri hi

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Miya Ironami · 15 answers · 4d

What warnings would show up on your packaging?

Lian · 23 answers · 8d

Snackrifice~! You just got turned into a candy or dessert~! What would you be, is it a favorite of yours... Would you want to be eaten?... >.>

astrid · 23 answers · 9d

what is your favorite sound to make with your mouth

「 Fristi 」 · 5 answers · 22d

on a scale of allergic reaction to peanuts to weighted blanket on a comfy day, how comfy are you today?

dd🌺 · 16 answers · 22d

Would you say that you are a comfortable person?

dd🌺 · 19 answers · 1mo

What industry are you interested in most?

I don't think the word "industry" makes me excited in the first place... So I don't know. Jar making industry?

shy silly shrimp · 1mo

Have you seen the cheri blossoms this year?

Lian · 30 answers · 2mo

You just got home from a long day at work, and you find that food of some description has been prepared and waiting for you.
What would be the nicest thing to find waiting for you? Could be a dinner or dessert or anything else you could imagine.

Lian · 31 answers · 2mo

If you were an enemy in an rpg, what loot would you drop upon being defeated? Also are you a recurring enemy, one time encounter, or do you simply respawn?

I would drop a peach or two. I would recur only a few times early in the campaign as an annoying little booger.

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