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Señornonymous asked 2 months ago

I didn't notice the lollipop stick; it would have been even more sussy if it was a pacifier 👀

Señornonymous asked 3 months ago

why the pacifier in your pfp? 👀

This made me have to double check but it's actually a lollipop, very sussy question 🥴

Señornonymous asked 6 months ago

No question, have a great day though! <3

I responded so late I'm sorry but thank you!! I hope you're having a great day today <3

Señornonymous asked 7 months ago

Favorite kpop band?

I'm not crazy about kpop but I have to say that EXO's my favorite group

Señornonymous asked 8 months ago

I love

Señornonymous asked 8 months ago

Everyone knows to cherish Cheru, but who/what does Cheru cherish? (´◡`)

I cherish all my friends!! Thank you for being here (ᵔ◡ᵔ) I also really cherish citypop, it's a heavenly music genre

Señornonymous asked 9 months ago

What would you do inside a pillow fort?

(This reminds me that I haven't done a pillow fort in so long) I think I would probably eat tons of chocolate and snuggle.

Señornonymous asked 9 months ago

uwu or UwU?

Señornonymous asked 9 months ago

What made you pick Cheru as your nickname?

Not an overly complicated story, I just decided to go with a diminutive of my actual name since I suck at coming up with good nicknames (´◡`)

Señornonymous asked 9 months ago

coolest thought so far today?

Wasserpistole asked 12 months ago · 13 answers

When you talk to people from face to face, do you keep eye contact or do you have a problem doing so?

I try to maintain a balance of direct eye contact and looking at different spots in my environment. If their gaze is piercing then I'll likely look away far more often