Elijah Hartford.
Coney Island,
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Jordane. · 13 answers · 9mo

What's your comfort food?

There are numerous explanations I could give you, but spaghetti or noodles are one of my favourite comfort meals. When dining out, I tend to order these two more frequently :] And as my go-to menu, I occasionally also order a salad.

Anonymous Coward · 9mo

Walaupun diri ini menyukaimu.
Kamu seperti tak tertarik kepadaku.
Siap patah hati kesekian kalinya

Ecy · 9 answers · 9mo

Is there any song that makes you cry or emotional everytime you listen to it?

Anonymous Coward · 9mo

Hey, Eli, your tweets passing by my timeline for nth time and I find you giving soft cheesecake vibe. Are you up for adding a buddy to your friendlist (me)?

Heeeey! I just had time to open retrospring now, I hope I'm not too late to respond. And, yup, the answer is yes! I'd be willing to add you to my list of friends. simply knock my DM, sender. (anyway, I don't understand what that cheesecake vibe I'm giving...)

Ecy · 4 answers · 9mo

so, are you guys the type who make the first move or the one who wait for your crush to make a move, and what's the reason?

Depends, soalnya kadang aku gengsian (malu). But sometimes, I am often the one who make the first move. Despite the fact that I am aware that I might not make it, at least I tried.

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