Chris CM. Martinez · 3 answers · 4y

OK serious question now. Can blackface ever be attempted again and is it a viable form of entertainment?

I would say yes for a joke where the punchline is how insensitive and behind the times it is or where due to funny circumstances they are unaware they blackfaced (car fumes perhaps) and they behave like there normal irritating white selves - say in a sitcom. It would have to be done very well though, otherwise it'll make most people uncomfortable and lead to complaints and cancelations. I think its avoided because the risk isn't worth the reward of a potentially woke joke.

Hell no, it only ever existed either to replace black actors who weren't allowed to be in shows, or just straight out mock black people, those are literally the only two reasons for it, not because it would be funny to smear shoe polish on your face for the Kappa Halloween party

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