Daniel asked over 1 year ago · 7 answers

What could and should be done against the obesity epidemic?

I think it's a cultural problem that you can't necessarily do anything about. People are trying to fill the void. Finding a way to fill the collective void healthily might as well be finding a way to have eudaimonia. Not to imply that there needs to be eudaimonia in order for there not to be an obesity epidemic, just that both things are way easier said than done. The obesity epidemic is just the outward symptom of much deeper, more systemic problems with modern society.

There may be something to instating more regulations on the food industry. Perhaps they shouldn't be able to make food that's both extremely addictive and extremely unhealthy. Also I've read once that partially hydrogenated oils make you fat and that the onset of the obesity epidemic was about the same time those became popular, but I don't know if their effect is significant in comparison to other things like sugar and fat. Sean said something about stopping certain subsidies. It sounds like that's the least we could do.

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