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What could and should be done against the obesity epidemic?

Make food stores massive.... with items spread very far apart... :^)

The driving factors that cause people to have too much comfort food of low quality must be changed. Hence the living conditions and working conditions have to be altered. That requires an all social change of stance in our culture.

People should eat less. But that's a challenge by itself, because overriding our psychological needs is difficult. Plus, those needs are engineered by the processed foods industry, so it's not just one factor at play here. A good alternative would be education, but that would imply some freedom restrictions, which I won't go into details here. What Merida said is also something to consider, since people who are obese are constantly pressured to dislike their bodies in favour of thinner bodies, be it for "valid" reasons or not, which ends up further negatively affecting people.

Tldr: the whole system is broken

I don't need anything to be done. We already have a lot of hate, insults, unrequested free opinions about our bodies and lives. People should worry more about people mental's state before throwing such opinions with the excuse that they only care for our health. Fuck them. Bitch, you don't care about my health bc my mental health is important too and you're bullying me or making me feel awful bc I don't meet your standards. Fuck you, again! 🙃

Less added sugar would be a good easy start top down, but this is a problem on the individual level that can only be solved in the surrounding environment of the obese person in question ultimately.

I mean the first thing that leaps to mind in this country is corn subsidies and shit - the cheapest foods are refined carbohydrates - shit like high fructose corn syrup is in everything, they will put any and everything that they want in there to make that shit taste like you wanna buy another eight pounds of it, and pay the government to ensure that they will continue to do so, then there is a combined clusterfuck of education and healthcare which I don't want to get into because I will go play in traffic if I think about it too much right now

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