Have you tried windows 11 yet ? Is it good ?


Have you tried windows 11 yet ? Is it good ?

I'm only allowed on the computer when Dr. Bright can sneak me on one, so I'm not sure what OS this

My laptop just upgraded to it a few days ago, my desktop rig is custom and the hardware seems to offend our lords at Microsoft so it won't be letting me install 11 unless I fool around in the registry to make it install, and so far on my laptop I see no reason to do so. One thing I did notice right away - I keep my taskbar at the top instead of the bottom, and Windows 11 does not natively let you move the taskbar anymore, what the actual fuck - I had to dick around in the registry to move my taskbar to the top, they can eat a bag of dicks for that

Nope. I heard it might not support HDD hard disks and that's sad. I have SSD but I think making people who don't have SSD is a dirty sales tactic. Windows is not my daily drive anyway so I don't care about it.

I have not tried windows 11. The reason for that is, unless you do some crazy workaround, it's impossible to create a local account.

Some people just don't want a Microsoft account.

I haven't tried it, but I watched a video on it. Apparently it doesn't improve much, while it removes some useful features for some unknown reason.