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Shannon asked 2 days ago · 8 answers

What are your plans for the weekend?

Shannon asked about 17 hours ago · 9 answers

A couple dyed a waterfall blue for a gender reveal and have now contaminated the water. What are your thoughts on this?

First creating forest fires and now contaminating water. Why are such extreme gendee reveals a thing? I weep for humanity sometimes.

Daniel asked 2 days ago · 12 answers

Who is a famous person that you would like to punch in the face?

Im probabaly gonna get a LOT of anon hate for saying this, but Donald Trump...oh wait. You said famous, not infamous.

cLOUD asked 3 days ago · 11 answers

What are your regular work hours ?

A asked 3 days ago · 8 answers

What is love?

Baby dont hurt me Dont hurt me No more

(Sorry, i had to. Blame the game cslled "Dont eat the mushroom" )

Shannon asked 4 days ago · 12 answers

What's your opinion on Coolio dying?

Daniel asked 3 days ago · 14 answers

Will you get vaccinated against COVID again?

Yes. Im gonna have to in order to attend PAX unplugged

Daniel asked 4 days ago · 10 answers

Oktoberfest-yay or nay?

Daniel asked 3 days ago · 14 answers

How do you say 0 in your mother tongue?

Arthur asked 4 days ago · 8 answers

Let's say you're in a bus and someone left half a cup of orange juice on the floor. How much money would persuade you into drinking it?

At least half a million. Should be enough to cover the medical bills. Because who knows what else is in that orange juice, or whoever abandoned it had.

Pandy asked 5 days ago · 17 answers

Do you want a complement?

Arthur asked 5 days ago · 7 answers

Financial question: how come the US dollar is now "stronger" than the euro?

Daniel asked 4 days ago · 11 answers

When was the last time that you had fever?

Shannon asked 5 days ago · 8 answers

Do you have female taxi drivers where you live?

Pandy asked 10 days ago · 14 answers

Have you developed any new hobbies this year? If so, what?

At night i like to put on some frequency music to listen to while sleeping.