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𝐊𝐄𝐍𝐙𝐎 · 18 answers · 8mo

I hope life treats you well, friends! Happy December.

Thank you, dear lovely brother Ken! Before 2023 ends, I hope you know that you’ve been doing great so far this year as you will always do. Thank you so much for always remembering me as one of your good and adorable child. You’re the loveliest person ever exist Ken I have to admit that, 2024 is yours!!!

Millie. · 2 answers · 1y

ONE MORE. tell me a cute song to start this sunday, perhaps? have a great day pals. ✨💭

INI TELAT BANGET JAWABNYA. Tapi kalo ditanya cute song versi aku udah pasti Taeyeon - Weekend!

Millie. · 2 answers · 1y

kasih tau aku satu comfort film kamu dong! tentang apa filmnya kalo boleh tau? siapa tau aku suka juga, thank u! :c

Enola Holmes! Gatau suka aja sama film film genre mystery berkedok detektif kaya Knives Out sama Enola Holmes. Tapi buat Enola Holmes aku kasih 2 jempol soalnya dia cewek keren.

Millie. · 2 answers · 1y

tell me the sweetest words that someone has ever said to you! 🌷✨

Millie. · 2 answers · 1y

HI! good morning! kasih tau aku dong, what's your favorite breakfast menu? anyways, have a REALLY great day ahead. 🌷

Morning Millie! Anaknya gak biasa sarapan nih tapi biar instan aja minum air putih abis bangun tidur udah cukup. Itu juga kalo inget. 🫂 I know I shouldn’t keep this kind of bad habit. Biasanya kalo kepengen dan kepikiran untuk sarapan sih menu andalanku nasi kuning atau uduk mwehehehe. How about yours?

G. · 6 answers · 1y

Siapa belum bobo ?___?

Belum mau bobo tapi mau bobo jadi sekarang waktunya kelonan sama pacarku yang lucu

Gene! · 3 answers · 1y

It's been a long time ig. Don't forget to always love yourself. Stay hydrated and healthy! Have a lovely life, guys! 🤍

Thank you for the kind words Genee! Remember to take a good care of yourself too, make sure to take some proper rest and it’s okay to feel whatever your feelings have told you. New month, new start, new hope, wishing you all the good things this month!

Anonymous Coward · 1y

Minal aidin ye bra

Anonymous Coward · 1y

Hallo, Wuwun! This one might surprise you much. Jujur ngga nyangka banget in one random night, you accidentally crossed my mind and all memories rush back. So I ended up here..

There are actually million things I wish I could say to you, but nevermind! I’m glad to see you’re doing just fine. I wish the good things in all that you’ve been through. Have a good life ahead.

J ^_^

Hello there, if my guess is correct then it must be you. Yesss it's been a while and I was quite confused at first when I saw this notification pop up on my Retro box. Thanks for contacting me through my Retro and checking me out. Hope all is well with you and your life too, J!

Anonymous Coward · 1y

kiat-kiat keverif CA dong suhu

KETIKAN LU. Siapa nih anjRIT gue yakin kalo gak sushi sheemily kitty pasti si bibip. FUCK CA GUE UDAH GAK MAIN RP. (Masih main open)

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