made with love and a hearty portion of sweet and tiny dulcet, a literal pleasant surprise to brighten the days.

Adelaide, South Australia.
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Do you believe in extraterrestrials such as alien?

Aurora Khione 19 answers 11mo

Daily check question part #3

What can I do today that will make you feel

Aurora Khione 13 answers 11mo

What鈥檚 your honest opinion about Gwyneth (dollxs) ? I鈥檓 curious. Very.

Hi, neth! jujur kamu lucu banget, such a person who will enjoy and connect with every kind of conversation. TERUS, you're so kind and warm! thanks a lot for sending your cute questions. hopefully happiness always surrounds you! 馃尫馃

Candra Wetan 16 answers 11mo

udah ada rencana mau bakar bakaran? atau idul adha nanti pada mau masak apa nih

kalo bakar bakaran belum tau, tapi udah request mau buat daging tumis sambal matah. ENAK BANGET.

Aurora Khione 21 answers 11mo

Daily check question by guin part 02 ! 馃Ц馃獎


life experience such as meeting some new people, reading a book and maturity, ig. i'm not saying i'm mature enough, but as i get older, there's a moment when i have to meet more complicated cases in daily or simply decide or choose an option and my closest people just thought that 'oh iya, udah dewasa yah sekarang' {mayhaps they see based on my age as well} AND, meeting some many people gives me a new perspective, of course everything gets wider. 馃

Aurora Khione 38 answers 11mo


from my appearance, i love my hair and eyes! 'am trying to love my gummy smile too, karena dulu kadang ngerasa insecure aja, ue. AND, personally, i love me being patient sometimes and well-prepared! aku nggak suka yang dadakan grasak grusuk, suka anxious sendiri banyak takutnya.

Aurora Khione 21 answers 11mo

You know right now what's in the uproar needs more attention? Right, everyone's mental health, so i鈥檒l try every day to give all of you 鈥榙aily check questions鈥, hopefully it can help us be more grateful :D do you mind???

what a sweet thought. that's really okay, i'm so happy for receiving those kinds of your daily check questions, Gwyneth! thanks a lot. 馃

Aurora Khione 13 answers 11mo

hello everyone! long time no interact!! how are you? is everything going well so far? 馃憢馃徎馃Ц

Candra Wetan 13 answers 12mo

udah ada yang mulai libur nggak nih? gimana cara kamu nikmatin libur kamu

aku liburnya nanti tanggal 28, GAK SABAR. aku kalo libur banyak ngabisin waktu di rumah aja biasanya rebahan. 馃槶 ya kadang main juga sih, tapi jarang.

Herdenn, Malik. 9 answers 12mo

Rekomin mie instan rasa surga please. (unhealthy era)

aku lagi suka banget mie oven yang mie gorengnya, ARGH ENAK BGT. atau back to default alias balik ke indomie ayam bawang my luv.

hidden mate 路 12mo

nilai lagu ini dari 1-10

hidden mate 路 12mo

What habit do you really find cute in a person?

the way they tell me something excitedly. aku suka orang yang bawel, jadi lucu aja gitu.

Aiden. 13 answers 1y

Just for fun, pacaran sama aku mau atau gak?

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