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faho asked 2 days ago

helo are you drunk right now

Anonymous Friend asked 2 days ago

why is blåhaj, and why don't we all speak swedish at this point

I assume blåhaj is because it was created, but it's also possible it was discovered.

Also, I don't speak Swedish, so I guess plush sharks are not enough to achieve Cultural Victory.

charlotte ✨ asked 2 days ago

hello dee. recently i've come into possession of some wares of unknown provenance and i'd like your help shifting them. i've never been good at scouting a fence myself, but i have a feeling you might have a knack for this. are you in?

Anonymous Friend asked 2 days ago

what are your thoughts on the plastic table discourse that's been all the rage recently?

qubit asked 11 days ago

mew mew

Anonymous Friend asked 11 days ago

sus ??? ඞ ???

Anonymous Friend asked 11 days ago

Lets say that all of the cereal mascots were real. What kinds of scandals could you picture any one of them getting into?

Daniel asked 15 days ago · 16 answers

Are you chronically online?

Sometimes I'm in an elevator. My phone doesn't get signal there.

Anonymous Friend asked 16 days ago

Favourite gay?

faho asked 16 days ago


MxCraven asked 16 days ago


Anonymous Friend asked 18 days ago

When you get your protein from non-animal sources which is often times incomplete, do you try to pair up different kinds to make it complete? eg.- nuts and seeds with whole grains, beans with rice, etc.

When I pair something like beans and rice with each other, it's mostly because it makes it more interesting and tastier. I think as long as you have a generally varied diet and aren't just eating beans straight out of a can every day, you're probably going to be fine.

charlotte ✨ asked 19 days ago

oh i wasn't logged in. beep

Anonymous Friend asked 19 days ago


faho asked 19 days ago · 7 answers

Are you a furry?