You probably know me from the Fediverse, but if not, hi 馃憢


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kopper 11 answers 18d

this question is cursed to make the answerer fall off they chair. try it out!

Daniel 6 answers 19d

Graphics on ultra and 30fps or medium graphics and 60fps?

Whatever will get me a steady framerate that doesn't visibly drop when there's lots of things going on.

Anonymous Friend 路 1mo

i dislike neo-marxism. it should be abolished.

Anonymous Friend 路 1mo

how does it feel being an fedinfluencer?

Anonymous Friend 路 2mo

you lost the game

Anonymous Friend 路 2mo

some day you post a picture with assassination coordinates (again) and someone turns around and asks: dee is that you, ive been waiting so long here.

In a situation like this it's better to say "no", in case they are trying to confirm they have the correct target before assassinating you.

Anonymous Friend 路 2mo

Would you prefer none pizza with left beef, or pizza with 1/8 cup of elmers glue in the sauce and with small rocks (those are good for your health).

None pizza with left 1/8 cup of Elmer's Glue sauce (though I'll accept a generic substitute) and small rocks please.

kopper 14 answers 2mo

Your Opinion on JSON-LD.

Anonymous Friend 路 2mo

Do you 420?

Anonymous Friend 路 3mo

Ich stelle fest: Sie sind ein "Cutie".

Anonymous Friend 路 3mo

i am very depressed

I have no advice to offer for that, other than some that would be very counter-productive, and as such I will refrain.

Anonymous Friend 路 3mo


Daniel 11 answers 3mo

Do you know what skibidi toilet is?

I've even watched a couple of episodes in a row, before giving up because the repeated sounds were getting to me.

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