Elly · 7 answers · 2mo

Did Fedi help you discover you're a lesbian?

yes and no?

prior to joining fedi I had only been interested in women but also had only ever been a dude

so without it I would never have been a lesbian (thus yes)

but also I learned on fedi im attracted to some men soooooooo idk

wouldnt quite say 'lesbian' xp
i think i had most™ of it figured out already, altho fedi def has helped finding out more and experiencing it :3

(I'm technically not a lesbian, but) I think if I didn't discover fedi I would probably still be a cis bi man
so in a way, yes, fedi did help me discover my lesbianism

Partly. I've always known I was more attracted to women, but it helped figure out just how much. -Topaz

Nope. I've always known that I'm more attracted to girls. -Mali

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