Hi. I'm Kio. I'm a foxboy that's on the internet.

I own the internet.

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the f00fy one · 14 answers · 17d

A spectre is haunting Retrospring - the spectre of ______.

the f00fy one · 23 answers · 15d

What was your favorite April Fools content this year?

the f00fy one · 23 answers · 14d

Those of you who use Linux: What was your first Linux distribution, and what was your experience like?

Those of you who don't use Linux: What is your impression of Linux, based on the information you currently have? Would you ever consider using Linux as the operating system on your main PC?

Those who don't know what I'm talking about: What is the primary device you use to access the Internet?

the f00fy one · 27 answers · 23d

Do you keep the software on your computers (incl. smartphones and tablets) up to date?

Yes, except for my catboy android. Can't afford the saas fees, just ignore the nagging.

the f00fy one · 19 answers · 21d

I'm you! dubstep drop

Epsi · 20 answers · 22d

If you were a doggo, what breed of doggo would you be? 🐾

Xan Surnamehere · 26d

What has your life been like since your IP address ( was leaked?

the f00fy one · 30 answers · 27d

Which of the following do you give?
1. a shit
2. a fuck
3. a piss
4. a damn
5. up

the f00fy one · 19 answers · 2mo

How often do you fact-check things you hear online? (This can include checking the sources someone cites to see if they actually say what they're supposed to, or trying to corroborate the information with other sources)

the f00fy one · 15 answers · 2mo

Have you ever sought out information that might challenge your beliefs, or arguments for positions you disagree with - not to "debunk", but to better understand the othet side and potentially change your view? Do you think it is a good idea to do so?

changing your stance is normal and common.

seeking out information about anything political however... just no

dd🌺 · 12 answers · 2mo

Have you drawn your Johari Window yet?

the f00fy one · 21 answers · 2mo

Have you ever used The Internet Archive ( or its WayBack Machine? If so, what's your favorite thing that you've discovered there?

(If you haven't used it, I recommend taking a visit now and browsing around a bit, it's my favorite site on the Internet)

the f00fy one · 22 answers · 1mo

What's your favorite, and least favorite, genre of music? And for both, why?

electronic-vocaloid? idrk; i like things with story. For least favorite, its mumble rap- my guy you did not create music, you made noises over a track while vaguely threatening someone.

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