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How do you cope with stress, guys?

Menghilang dari social media paling utama. Setelahnya memilih menikmati waktu dengan membaca atau menonton. Kalau gak tahan banget ya... konsultasi.

I just take a step back from whatever is bothering me, I breathe in and out a few times and just let the emotions and anxiety wash away. Then, after a few moments, I just start thinking logically on how to deal with the source of my stress, and I get down to work on it. Only if I had the energy.

Or, I tend to go for comfort, so I seek comfort in things such as games or head out to bed. Sleeping can always calm my nerves down. Listening to some music also helps, as it eases my mind.

I.. don’t really know the exact answer because it depends on the situation but most of the time I’ll order some food for me to eat!

Sleep. Getting enough rest is crucial for managing stress and maintaining mental health.

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