Finneas Hayden.
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Ciao! Per favore chiedi.


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Angkasa Rayya · 5 answers · 2mo

Are you the type to turn the lights off when you sleep or rather keep the lights on instead?

Silas · 10 answers · 2mo

How do you cope with stress, guys?

🎱 · 28 answers · 2mo

If you are in a bad mood how to fix that? prefer to be alone or be with someone to cheer you up?

daniel · 14 answers · 2mo

Mei kerasa lama banget ya? Mana besok masih tanggal 32 Mei. 😰

Shakila's · 2mo

Hai GI, I was bored so I filled your retrospring. When I first met you, you were very famous. Very close to some of your mutuals. I was wondering if I could be one of your close friends? It turns out you are very kind and can accept me as a friend, thank you for being my friend. You are also very talented, very cool!!! May you always be happy, always surrounded by good people.

Hey thanks for visiting my retro, Shakila. Ey im not famous really! Now we can be friends like permen karet kalo bisa, jangan sungkan buat interaksi sama aku ya, your wishes can be your wishes to! Shakila.

🎱 · 2mo

Kalo punya kekuatan, milih bisa liat masa depan atau balik ke masalalu?

Lebih memilih masa lalu banyak kenangan manis nya, kalo masa depan lebih takut banyak sakit dan banyak rintangan karena fase dewasa ini membunuh.

Carissimo ? · 2mo


Keira. · 2mo

Biar gak kangen sama hts tuh harus ngapain ya kak..

Kalo adek berani chat aja gapapa, just say " kangen " gitu, atau ga berani chat bilang kangen coba basa-basi siapa tau terobati. Kalo adek ga berani pas dia aktif di timeline coba dek jbjb aja gapapa toh jatuhnya kaya ngobrol juga.

Keira. · 2mo

Adek hari ini mau main, kakak mau nitip apa :D

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