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If you feel sad, how do you deal with it?

Spread my rest of energy to spoil everyone around me and then disappear and sleep :]

Divalidasi dulu perasaan sedihnya, habis itu cari deh hiburan (nonton yang lucu-lucu atau cari teman ngobrol).

Embracing my sadness; having some time alone in the corner of my room, until I feel okay enough to face the reality.

If i feel sad, gue cari angin. (Keluar rumah) jadi pikiran-nya jernih, nggak pikirin hal lain. Apalagi kalau tiba-tiba ngerasa sedih... I just need to let it go. ^^ semangat! Just make sure to yourself that you have a bunch of kind people around you.

The quick solution is to find a distraction. But it will not last long as the sadness will come back anytime sooner. So, it's best just to process the feeling and try to accept is as it is while doing some sort of self reflection. I usually rise up again after that because I have come to the conclusion that being sad is okay sometimes, just don't let it hinder you from enjoying the rest of your life.

Tidur atau ngelakuin hal yang bisa bikin lupa sama sedihnya. Semisal kaya nonton, scroll tiktok atau twt, olahraga, baca buku, main game.

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