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Too sad to say that my account is still ghost-banned and that’s why I’d like to have a little conversation here. Tell me, what is the best way to take a hint of someone’s feeling towards you?

Thru their actions, words can lie, but the way they act show everything. Esp their eyes (pretty).

I am a person who is not sensitive to hints, I let it flow and wait for them to confess that they like me.

I'm sorry about your account. I hope it'll be fixed soon! Oh, I'm quite bad at reading that situation, especially virtually. If it's irl, it's easier to notice their body languages!

I believe the best way to gauge someone's feelings towards you is by observing their actions and words, or simply by observing them when they're around you. Scrutinize them until you can indirectly discern their feelings towards you.

dari kebiasaan ngobrolnya? tapi ini bakal makan waktu sih, kecuali ngobrolnya hampir setiap saat. terus kalau kamu ngasih suatu effort ke dia, dia ngasih feedback baik atau engga?

Dari kebiasaan dia pas ngobrol/chatan sih. Dari emot dan cara ngetiknya. Kadang betul, kadang salah. Kadang juga bikin ovt karena malah jadi kebanyakan mikir, jadi aku pasti kalau udah rasan-rasan bakal nanya, biar gak kemakan asumsi sendiri :(

Oh… Sabila might have to take a note of this matter. 🧍🏻‍♀️ I’m pretty bad at taking hints or picking up signals from someone because a direct communication works more on me. This girl is gonna pay attention to the upcoming answers. 📝

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