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Renoel S. · 19 answers · 3mo

Please share your current on repeat song! I need to explore more songs for my playlist.

For the time being, I've listened to 'She's Not Gone Yet But She's Leaving' by The Fratellis for... thousand times at this point. People's opinion said that their vocalist actually do sounds like Alex Turner and the band's genre actually have a resemblance to TLSP's! You can give it a listen.

Rylan-Marie Klein · 2 answers · 3mo

Friday is here, everyone! Tell me your favorite weekend activity, dong. I'm looking for some ideas to spend a weekend tomorrow!

Do my hobbies, such as reading books, gaming, or even better; sleeping! You can start your weekend activities by execute your hobbies, it could be something you really love doing.

Anonymous Coward · 3mo

may you have an everlasting good day(s), sir!

Andromeda · 6 answers · 3mo

What is the song lyrics that you can relate the most these days? Also who is the singer?

I'm torn between which song, but 'I don't care if you're sick. I don't care if you're contagious.' by Pierce the Veil resonates with me the most because I desire nobody but my sweetheart unconditionally. Right now, I couldn't care less if he's sick or contagious; as long as it's him, I love him.

athenaya ^_^ · 37 answers · 3mo

BIEFEF retrooo! Boleh tanya kritik saran sama tema baruku ngga :oo. Sekiranya takut ada nyang nyakitin mata kalian :[[[[. Makasih sebelumnya bffs ⭐

Aih. Lucu banget lho themenya. Suka banget aku. Nggak begitu mencolok but resemblance a cake very much!

Renoel S. · 8 answers · 3mo

Too sad to say that my account is still ghost-banned and that’s why I’d like to have a little conversation here. Tell me, what is the best way to take a hint of someone’s feeling towards you?

I believe the best way to gauge someone's feelings towards you is by observing their actions and words, or simply by observing them when they're around you. Scrutinize them until you can indirectly discern their feelings towards you.

Rylan-Marie Klein · 3 answers · 3mo

Dalam rangka self-love, please tell me what's one thing you're proud of about yourself and why is that?

Good question! I'd love to answer this with all my heart. One thing I'm proud of is my ability to stay alive for so long despite the deadly obstacles that keep coming continuously, hitting me like thousands of trucks. Those are immensely challenging, but I manage to overcome every interference with patience (sometimes not). I'll definitely find my own peace sometimes, and I have to keep on living as I believe happiness has been waiting for my arrival since long ago.

Ace. · 3mo

And I'm beyond grateful to be loved by you.

Anonymous Coward · 3mo

Sayang banyak banyak!!

Ace. · 3mo

Would you like to go on a date with me?;)

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