Killian Reign

Effortless loveliness.

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Arleo L. Salvatore 7 answers 5mo

New set up welcoming message and pfp for retro. How do you think?

kana 35 answers 6mo

kalau disuruh pilih dua opsi di antara brain, personality, dan looks, kalian pilih apa?

kana 32 answers 6mo

kalau punya pintu ke mana ajanya doraemon, kalian mau pergi ke mana dulu?

饾搻 din 14 answers 6mo

kalian tim oversharing or gabisa asal curhat sama orang lain?

kana 26 answers 6mo

do you think cheaters deserve a second chance? why?

BIG NO, Even if he dared to cheat in the beginning, let alone being given a second chance to improve, that wouldn't make me believe that he would really improve himself.

kana 19 answers 6mo

what is your favorite term of endearment (pet name)?

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