Eleanor Julie.

In life's grand opus, we pirouette to the dulcet strains of divine benevolence, treasuring each harmonious note.

Old Quebec City
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Joel. · 15 answers · 18d

Kalian kalau mengatasi badmood gitu biasanya ngapain biar mood nya balik lagi?

Oh, when I'm feeling down, I usually turn on some upbeat music or watch funny videos on YouTube. Sometimes, I'll go for a short walk or do some light exercise. The key is to find activities that can make us smile again ;]

Sneaky Sweetie · 19d

hi el, how's your day?

Hey Sweetie! My day’s been pretty chill, thanks for asking. How about yours? Anything exciting happening?

Sneaky Sweetie · 1mo

hello there, hooman! i know im late but may the rest of this month will be full of good news for you. have a lovely day :D 💫💛

Hey there, sweetie! No worries about being late–better late than never, right? Here's hoping the rest of this month brings you nothing but awesome news and good vibes. Have an epic day! :D

Shakila's · 11 answers · 26d

So random question, How do you feel when your very close mutual friend suddenly disappears? Please Answer. Thank you :")

it's a real mix of emotions. At first, there's this weird confusion, like, "Did I miss something?" Then it kind of shifts to worry–you start thinking, "Are they okay? What's going on?" It's like your brain goes into overdrive trying to figure out what happened...

tunAa! 😼 · 30d


Adam Gaurleen · 1 answer · 1mo

menurut kamu I love you but I’m letting go itu beneran ada ga sih?

I think YES. Saying “I love you but I'm letting go” is like admitting you have strong feelings for someone, but you've reached a point where you realize it's healthier to part ways. It's about recognizing that love alone isn't always enough to sustain a relationship, especially if it's not fulfilling or if there are other issues at play. It's a tough decision, filled with mixed emotions, but sometimes it's the most compassionate choice for everyone involved. It's a bittersweet acknowledgment of love and self-respect 🤍

Seraphine Katara · 7 answers · 1mo

Pernah merasa illfeel sama crush ga?? Apa sih hal yang buat kamu bisa illfeel sama dia?

For me, it's usually when they do something super rude or inconsiderate, like being mean to waitstaff or just anyone in general. That kinda stuff just makes me lose all interest real quick. Major turn-off!

Sneaky Sweetie · 1mo

what would you do “if” you're the last human standing post-apocalypse? 🧟🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️

Bro... I'd probably start by raiding all the convenience stores for snacks and canned goods, then find a sweet hideout to chill in. After that, I'd roam around, maybe find some cool abandoned places to explore, you know, just living my best apocalyptic life. Oh, and definitely honing my survival skills, just in case some mutant zombies decide to crash the party hehe

Elias G. · 1mo

Hi, El. Permission to follow you first since you are willing to be mutual in retrospring ya. Have a nice day.

Aresh · 3 answers · 1mo

Brokkk saran film yg bukan horror pls gw gbut bgt rillll mint

Rory · 1mo

Hi, Eleanor! Kalau kamu dikasih kesempatan untuk keliling dunia gratis, destinasinya bakal kemana aja?

Hey pretty Rory! If I had the chance to jet-set around the world for free, I'd totally make a pit stop in London, Toronto, New York, Tokyo, Bern/Interlaken, Seoul, Beijing, and of course, Makkah. It's like hitting all the hotspots and embracing different cultures in one epic adventure!

Sneaky Sweetie · 1mo

I found you attractive. May I know, do you set your eyes on someone? 🥺

Hey there 🤍 thanks for the sweet words! Nah, no one's caught my eye yet, but Mark Lee and Yuta from NCT got me swooning tho ;]

axel · 1mo

what if the world ends tomorrow? what's the first thing you gonna do?

If the world's hitting the reset button tomorrow, I guess I'd just wanna make sure my mom's good... So I'd probably spend my time sending out those prayers like there's no tomorrow, hoping she's happy wherever we end up. What about you tho?

Sneaky Sweetie · 1mo

Ele aku pernah stalk akun kamu HSHSHSHSHS pernah nemu di base soalnya terus kamu ngasih tips keren banget aku sampe melongo 😮 Have a greatest day ya Ele <3

AHAHAHAHA, thanks a bunch, sweetie! Glad to hear you found my tips is cool. Don't hesitate to keep stalking, I mean, chatting with me for more things, alright! Have a fantastic day, bebe! 💪

Khaleesi Rue · 14 answers · 1mo

Selamat pagi, hari ini kalian sarapan pakai apa nih?

Started my day with this awesome combo: crunchy fried catfish paired with some fiery sambal. It's hitting all the right spots! How about you? What's on your breakfast menu today, Rue?

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