Laurelle · 6 answers · 1y

Have you ever had an experince on one sided love? How did it went?

The ache can be unbearable, and the cost of love is a steep one that requires immense bravery and the willingness to bare one's soul. Bottling up your emotions can be a torture that rivals physical pain. When love is not reciprocated, the aftermath can be devastating, shattering the very foundation of your self-worth. The hardest part of one-sided love is losing sight of your own value and sacrificing your dignity in pursuit of the person who holds your heart. It's effortless to compare oneself to others and sink further into a pit of insecurity. Perhaps you even blame yourself for not meeting their standards. The truth is, unrequited love is a formidable foe that demands time and patience to overcome. The grief and heartbreak that come with it can be overwhelming.

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